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Thriving Forward, I’m really doing it!

Posted Jan 09 2013 11:04pm

For the “I’m really doing it” reference, please watch below.

HAHAH, how accurate is that? Gets me every time.

ANYWAY, nothing too exciting going on this week.

ACTUALLY THAT’S A LIE. (My brain really did think through these things just as I was typing them).

Today I ran 5 miles…wait for it…

ON THE DREADMILL. I think that is a record for me. I don’t do treadmills. Nope. This is DEFINITELY a record in the past 5 years. WIN. (I used to be a treadmill bunny until I learned OUTSIDE IS WAY BETTER). Well, somewhere in between treadmill bunny and outdoor runner, I was sedentary sloth. But that’s fine.

After that I did a biceps/triceps workout and then I walked home from the gym. Serious calorie burn or what?

I refueled with another spinach egg white oat pancake!

Today was Day 7 of Thrive Forward ( my take on it anyway!) and I am finally feeling like I am deflating after all of the holiday indulgence. I decided to snap a picture for comparisons sake, and was actually surprised how noticeable the difference is.

January 3rd vs. January 9th. No 6 pack or anything, but I WILL TAKE IT. Progress, not perfection! Also the ‘before’ was taken in the morning without eating and the ‘after’ was 3 meals into the day. Clean food for the WIN.

So as if the calorie burn wasn’t enough already, I decided to participate in almost the entire bootcamp I instructed. I always found it more motivating when my instructors powered through the workouts, so I try to do the same, regardless of how much I have already kicked my own butt that day.

2271 calories, TOAST.

Then I ate all the carbs. (Clean ones!)

Anyway, I’m up early to train some clients in the morning and then after my evening bootcamp we are off to the cottage! If I can get an internet connection/hotspot, I shall blog my cottage eats, and if not…see ya Monday :)

Do you take progress pics for yourself?

Do you prefer when your fitness instructors participate with you?

Enjoy the rest of your week!





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