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Three Things Thursday

Posted Aug 10 2012 12:25am
1.  I am officially in "summer vacation" mode!  And I'm loving it!  I just got home tonight from more than a week of sun and fun on Vancouver Island.  My husband's family lives right on a lake so the kids are having the time of their lives playing in the water and this Mama is surely enjoying her time in the sun too.  My trip home tonight is just a quickie (I left hubs and the boys on the island) as I'm heading back to rejoin them in a couple days.  Why such a short trip home?  Because of the Seawheeze of course!  (see below)

2.  After registering for this race what seems like forever ago, the Seawheeze is finally here!  On Saturday morning at 7:37am (yes, 7:37am precisely) the gun will go off for the inaugural Lululemon Seawheeze half marathon.  Sure it cost an insane amount of money.  Sure we got ridiculously short white with polka-dots running bootie shorts (that I cant even wear as pyjamas with a straight face) as part of our package.  Sure we're supposedly receiving custom made flip flops at the finish line even though nobody ever asked for our shoe size.  But you know what?  It might sound a little bit crazy but I'm pretty sure it's going to be a lot of fun.  No time goals this race, just planning to enjoy myself along the way

3.  Although it's kind of exciting to know that there is nobody else in this house tonight and that I can do whatever I want, all by myself for two whole glorious days...I miss them.  It was kind of sad looking in the back seat tonight and not seeing any car seats.  Kind of sad seeing the boys' little beds unslept in. But you know what wasn't sad?  Getting to eat my entire plate of fries all by myself!  I didn't have to share a single one of them!  ha ha.  I truly do miss the kids, but c'mon, a woman needs to have a whole plate of fries to herself every now and then...right?
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