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Three Reasons Why Your Acer Aspire 5235 Battery is Overheating

Posted Jul 27 2013 2:55am

One of the biggest killers of  Acer Aspire 5235 battery  is overheating. It hastens reduction and oxidation reactions, which degrade and lower the performance of the battery over time. Excess heat can also damage mechanical components of batteries such as thermostats and regulatory circuits. Internal temperatures of such batteries rise beyond the optimal level during usage, and can even explode if not monitored carefully. To prevent heat from killing your battery for Acer Aspire 5235, you must know all possible causes of overheating in laptops, and how maintain an optimum level. This article highlights three common causes of overheating in detail, to help maintain your battery.


Charging Accessories

If you like using your computer in outdoor environments, or in places that lack power outlets, you need a good  Acer Aspire 5235 adapter, to maintain your battery at full capacity. Essential as they may be, using faulty laptop adapters is the number one cause of overheating of batteries and laptops. "How does this happen?" Many ask. Laptop adapters convert Alternating into Direct Current, needed to power a laptop computer. If the mechanical components in the charging brick malfunction, and the adapter supplies a higher voltage than needed; the temperature in your battery rises faster, causing serious problems as a result. To lower overheating, make sure that you are using an authentic Acer Aspire 5235 adapter, when charging your laptop. You should also maintain your laptop adapter regularly, to make sure it works optimally all the time. Check it for signs of wear and tear (breaks, etc.) regularly. You must also test its voltage regularly, to ensure it is at the required level.


Hardware Profile

A laptop is a conglomeration of hardware,  battery for Acer Aspire 5235  included, that work in synergy to complete tasks. If one of more hardware (Central Processing Unit (CPU), hard disk, cooling fan, etc.) is not working efficiently, it can generate a lot of heat, which degrades the battery in your laptop computer over time. Do the following to lower such negative consequences: first, benchmark the CPU in your laptop and optimize its performance. You should also monitor how your hard disk works. Lower hard disk spin and defragment it, if you notice that it is consuming a lot of power. Finally, make sure that the cooling fan in your laptop is working well. Unclog all ports and install external cooling apparatus on your laptop if needed, to keep your laptop computer cool.


Usage Habits

How you handle your laptop, and what you do while using it, determines whether the  Acer battery  in it will overheat or not. For instance, if you like using your laptop on the bed, pillow, or sofa, there is a high chance its battery will overheat and vice versa. Next, if you do not clean your laptop computer often, dust and grime can clog its ports, and prevent free circulation of air. Do not make the foregoing mistakes, if you want to prevent the battery for Acer Aspire 5235 on your laptop from overheating. Use a cooling pad, whenever you are using the laptop on soft surfaces. You must also clean the laptop often using a can of compressed air, to enhance free circulation.


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