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Thoughts from today's hot and sweaty run.

Posted Jul 10 2013 9:51pm

Lots of self talk was done on today's 10:30am humid and hot 8 miler.  I am finding that I am a runner who does not feel in their stride until mile 3 or 4.  Those first few miles I struggle to get moving and it feels like a super long warm up.  Around mile 7 I'm at my best and felt like I can go another 3 or 4 miles which is a great feeling,  I just want those first few miles to feel easy.  

During those first few miles I talk to myself about how great it will feel once I complete the run and how disappointed I will be with myself if I quit.  My competitive nature sets in once I hit the lakefront and I am surrounded by other runners.  I start to play a game with myself to keep moving a little quicker. This might sound crazy but I pick a runner in the distance and try to catch up to them, settle back into a good stride and go again. It helps me keep going when I am by myself.  I love running with friends but sometimes its super therapeutic and mind clearing to run alone.  I have tried meditation a few times in the past and I can't quite quiet my mind.  WIthin moments of sitting I either have physically moved on or mentally I am thinking of the thousands of things I can or need to be doing. Running is the one place I find that I really don't think about anything.  When I get home from a run I can honestly tell you I thought about nothing for the majority of my run, it leaves me reenergized and relaxed.  Ask the husband, I am a much happier person after a good run and if I am upset or angry a run can usually do the trick.

Tips for running by yourself:

Carry your own water.  Stay hydrated.

Bring a $20.  What if you get a "flat tire" as my client says and you just can't make it home...TAXI. 

Bring your phone (I don't always do this, but I should)

A form of ID.  Bring your license, student ID or even better pick up a roadID.   I lIke the shoe ID because you don't even know you have it on.  The roadID is amazing because it not only includes your name but has a few lines to include emergency contact info, address, allergies and I've seen some with motivational phrases on them.  If you have a loved one or friend that runs this is a nice little and very thoughtful gift.  

What do you bring with you on a run?  Do you prefer to run with friends or alone?


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