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This Year I Will…..

Posted Jan 03 2013 11:07am

Last night I tweeted:

I know I have been a bad blogger. I usually plan to write a nice little post when I get to work, but then I get there and have too many other things to do. I do not have a good enough attention span to blog at home so I decided to start typing in my handy-dandy Notes iPhone app. I have an hour-long subway ride to and from work so instead of playing Angry Birds (so addicting), I will start typing at least a draft of a blog post. That brings me to my first real goal:

1) Blog, for real, at least twice a week. What do I mean by for real? A contest or product review is jut not enough. I know we all enjoy free stuff but I also know you want to read more about my life, my eating, my workouts, etc. I started this as a food blog and while I may not post every meal anymore, I will post more about food as well as fitness class reviews.

2) Spend less money on food. I used to bring a turkey sandwich every day when I was a lonely receptionist. Now I actually have friends at work so going out to lunch has become a social thing. I’ve gotten into the habit of spending $8-15 on lunch. Not okay.  It is very hard for me to turn this down when someone suggests walking to Chipotle though!


I might need to make PB&J every day but at least I won’t be so broke.

3) Go to Refine Method at least 3 times a week. This has been one of my goals for over a year now and I tend to go a lot and then randomly stop. I really stopped going after the hurricane because the Union Square location (which I can walk to from work) closed and I don’t enjoy traveling far to workout. After getting lost several times on the subway trying to get to the other locations, I finally figured out that the Upper West Side location actually takes the same amount of time to get home as Union Square does. I now have  no excuses not to go. Hopefully I can start doing real push ups for longer than 30 seconds if I keep up with this goal.

4) Resist junk food at work. There is so much bad food around the office. When it is in front of me, free, and full of delicious sugar, I have trouble saying no. Here was a another conversation I had on Twitter yesterday about junk food at work:

I’m fully aware of Rule #6 but for some reason, I completely forget it when I see chocolate. I know that for me, working out really does not help me with weight loss. It is all about the food that I am eating. It is really hard when there are weddings with cupcakes and bagel birthday breakfasts every single week!

I will really focus on resisting this food and bringing my own healthy meals this year.

5) Make use of my certifications: I have my health coaching certification, my intenSati certification and will be getting another fitness certification in January (blog post on that soon). I sub intenSati every now and then for a friend but rarely teach. I will admit that I don’t health coach at all right now but would like to. I will be subbing intenSati for at least 5 weeks in January/ February and will teach my first class at work in 2 weeks (omg!) so that will be a good start.  I am unable to teach intenSati in gyms (besides Equinox which I do not gave the guts to audition for) hence why I only sub right now. My second certification will be something I can teach in gyms so I will not chicken out on that one!

I will use the blog to hold myself accountable for keeping these goals. If I spend a lot of money on food, I will post it on here so that you can yell at me. I will also post about when I teach fitness so that some of you can be my practice students! What are your 2013 goals?

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