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This week's workouts. An inspired Sunday.

Posted Oct 21 2012 7:46pm

Completed last week's workouts  successfully!  Now ready to tackle this week...​
Sunday: 5k Race
Monday: HIIT Workout
Tuesday: Teach bootcamp and Pilates
Wednesday: Strength and Cardio
Thursday: Teach bootcamp and Pilates
Friday: Run 7 miles​
Saturday: OFF 

Woke up at 6:30am today and headed to the lakefront with Moose, Ryan, and lots of supportive Chicagoans and some from all over for Get Your Rear in Gear, a 5k race in support of the Colon Cancer Coalition. We ran in support of a good friend's father and we were part of their wonderful team.  Everyone showed up in great spirits with husbands, kids, sisters, friends, and even dogs!  ​

​Moose was pumped!

​The husband not so pumped to get up so early on a Sunday, but the spirit of the race got to him and a coffee.

After we finished the race I headed over to Athleta t o hear one of the​ir sponsored athletes, Teri Larson Jones speak.  She is a professional barefoot waterskier and chemistry professor (really fit and really smart).  She spoke about her athletic journey, her injuries, and her strong will to continue to thrive in her sport.  After three major shoulder surgeries and missing major world competitons she continues to be optimistic about her performance and longevity.  At the end of her talk I had to ask her just how old she was.  She stated at the beginning of the meeting that she  wasn't an athlete until  her mid 30's and lots of events have happened along her journey and she is still competing at the highest level. I won't reveal how old she is but she looks amazing...I'm inspired!

​Picture taken this past summer.

You can learn more about Teri and her very inspiring story on the Athleta Chi Blog​ .  She never knew her athletic potential until she was an adult.  So maybe I (or you) haven't found our athletic calling just yet and we could still be that champion!

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