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This, the story of your life…

Posted Dec 20 2008 6:50pm

Sometimes we have what appear to be problems.  Sometimes these problems are with the other people in our lives.  In fact, much of our apparent misery through this life is tied to our interactions with the other people.  Sometimes it even seems like interactions with other people can sour everything - our good mood for the day, our meal, our walk, our hopes and our dreams.

We may have friends that have betrayed us, lovers that have left us, employers that have exploited us, co-workers that have plotted against us, and perhaps most devastatingly… family members that have mistreated us.

Think of all the people in your life.  Think of the people who have been blessings to know.  Think of the people who have been awful to you in one way or another.  Think of the passers-by and strangers that have left impressions on you for one reason or another.

But let’s take another look, beloved.  Let’s take a closer look at the people and events around us.  Imagine, if you will, a convocation(1) of beings without form.  They are gathered together for the purpose of planning a trip down into life.  There is no animosity among them, no anger - only love and a spirit of adventure and accomplishment.  In fact, they’re a group of beings that have often traveled together throughout lifetimes.

They all have things they’d like to create and to experience.  They’re going to take on bodies and come down into life to create and experience these things.  They are gathered together to see how they may help each other during “this” life to come.  They have chosen their challenges, their life’s work, their gifts to the world.  They know what lessons they need to learn, what hardships will take them to the next level, what inspiration they need to keep on keeping on and get where they need to go.  Now they need to organize the players.  You (the soul “you” that is present during all lifetimes and exists without form, the “you” that inhabits the bodies) are one of them.

Imagine you announced to this group, “I will need a painful lesson to get to the next level in this life,” and someone who loved you very much replied, “I will do that for you.  I will be the contrast you need.”  Another member of the group addresses you specifically and says, “In this next life, I will be a person with extreme challenges, perhaps even a person who will seem awful to many.  In fact, I’m really going to lose my way.  I will need someone to remind me of my divinity, even with just a word or a small action, but it may take more than that.  Could you do that for me?  I know it’ll break through to me if you’re the one handling it.  It may not be convenient for you and it may seem to interfere with your own plans.  Would you do that for me?”  And you, in all your wisdom, love and understanding say, “Yes, my friend.  I’ll do that for you.”

And thusly, agreements are made and pacts are spoken.  The group of you are born into bodies and you go down into life to create and experience all you have set out to do, knowing you will not remember each other nor will you remember any of the agreements you have made prior to coming down into life.  But each trusts that the person they will need at any given moment will arrive as promised.

Now look again, with new eyes, at the people who are challenges for you, the people who seem to contrast your hopes and dreams.  Look again at the people who inspire you.  Look again at those strangers who seem to say just the right thing as they pass you on the street or sit next to you on the bus.

How do these dear travelers look now?

They are all fulfilling their promises to you in whatever capacity they agreed to play.  They may be here with you, at your request, to deliver a lesson or a blessing.  Perhaps they requested you for a special service, lesson, blessing, or inspiration.  You may have asked them to teach you a lesson, knowing you’d somehow “get it” if they delivered it.  You may have been asked by them to be their teacher or their light in the darkness.

How do these dear travelers look now?

Should you be angry at the beings who agreed to give you what you asked for or that you agreed to help?  Should you be hurt all your life over resentments you asked for and received?  Perhaps, with these new eyes, you can look at your fellow travelers and say, “Thank you, beloved.  I know I don’t remember you, but I trust that outside of this big playground, we are friends and loved ones to each other.  I know I don’t remember our agreement, but I trust we have one.  I knew I could trust you to do this for me.  I trust that our agreements were made in love and grace and with the spirit of adventure and accomplishment.  Bless you for all you’ve given and the part you’ve played in this lifetime.  Thank you for keeping your promises.”  And whether the person is a blessing to you or a challenge, bless them and release them to their highest good elsewhere.  Release them with the love and the grace with which they have been bound to you in the first place.

And yes, I know you.  We were at the gathering together, you and I - part of the same convocation.  I agreed to be that voice from afar that promised to remind you of your divinity.  I promised to remind you of what we’re here to do.  I promised to remind you of your power and your grace.  Why?  Because I love you that much.


(1) A Convocation (Latin ‘calling together’, translating the Greek ecclesia ) is a group of people formally assembled for a special purpose.

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