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This, That, AND the Other: But Where Do I Begin?

Posted Feb 04 2013 9:24pm
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I could really get used to this feeling of complete and utter CONTENTMENT.  I am surrounded by such thoughtful, kind, and sweet people.

Pretty flowers! via

Beautiful Birthday Flowers!

I am finding happy within my soul.  

I am living my passion.

I am loving what I do.  And more than anything, I am loving life.

Happiness is a choice.   I chose happy , I choose happy, and I want to empower you to find it within YOURSELF.

I haven’t been completely open with where I have been and far I have come. But this journey to happiness has been A LONG ROAD.

I CHOSE to be positive. And my life changed.

I promise you. No matter where you are, no matter what you do– You can find happiness within yourself.  If I did it, YOU CAN DO IT.

In honor of my BIRTHDAY (today), I want to share a few things I am thankful for in the past few days.  I’m so crazy busy that my blogging schedule is all kinds of crazy. Bear with me?!

Regardless, cue the randomness.

My brother thinks I am a PRINCESS. Here is PROOF.

Spirulina: And the package came from HAWAII! Thank you Colourful Palate !

And a care package from Chobani!

New flavors and a SPECIAL spoon? I can dig it. (PUN INTENDED)

#tastereal And naturally, a bit of crude humor! ;-)

You know, found it in the bathroom and HAD TO SHARE.

Photo Feb 03, 7 59 48 PM

P.S. – It happies my SOUL to read through all of your AMAZING #SavvySassyStep posts over in the challenge! So much POSITIVITY, JOY, and STEPS to a better YOU!

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