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This sounds totally fictional, but is true for me. Does anybody have a scientific explanation?

Posted Jun 30 2009 11:43am

Keep this in mind, that this is actually true to me; even though it does just sound totally wacky...

(Something that has never happened to me before in the past and has begun to happen more frequently within the past 4 - 5 months.).
When I am in direct sunlight for a long period of time my skin slightly tingles a little bit. And once I go into a shadded area outside, my skin instantly starts to feel like it is cooling down a little.

What sounds even more odd is:

 Another weird thing that is now happening to me within the past 4 months, is that my eyes are a little bit more photo sensitive (Could also just be from older aging.). to harsher lights - Mainly sunlight. It makes it a little bit more difficult for me to open my eyes when I am outside. (and not just because I just went outside from inside of a house/building.).
-It may sting a little, but I still force myself to open my eyes widely. It's not as though I can't see... I can see just perfectly (granted I have my glasses on.). It's just that It is getting harder for me to open my eyes in bright sunlight. (And yes, it could be from older ageing, or exiting from inside of a house/building. But if it was because of exiting from inside of a house/building, then it would go away eventually... Which it sort of does. But sometimes it does'nt, and stays with me for a longer while.).
-The stinging/uncomphortableness will subside a little when I put on darker sunglasses. (I have sunlight tinted eye glasses, that are supposed to block out harmfull U.V. Ray's, fron the sunlight; but shadding my eyes from sunlight - not so much...).
-The sunlight gives me a little bit of a headache and fatigue as well... If I am just 'basking in the sun (Like I used to enjoy doing all the time) I get fatigue mostly...

I know that this all sounds like something out of fiction or a book, but I assure you that (as weird as this all seems) it does happen, and I have been trying to find a scientific explanation for it. I still continue to be outside and play, because I just love to be outside in fresh air, especially in the summer time.

 Any helpful suggestions would be much obliged.

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