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This morning I pulled ...

Posted Jan 31 2012 2:25pm

This morning I pulled up to the barn and spent a minute admiring a breathtaking dawn.

I’d always dreamed I’d be “that me,” riding on my own in the quiet morning.
Every time I would drive past a barn, this little soul-whisper would ask: “please?”
And this morning, there I was, granting my little whisper’s wish.
It was easy once I took up the reins: a penny pinched, a schedule shifted – administrative.

Life has a funny way of happening while you wait for it to happen.
So I started asking myself what else I wanted to be, to do, to see.

I’ve always wanted to live in Europe. Not visit: live, for an extended period of time.

I’ve been on a fast-track through University.
My plan has been to graduate as quickly as possible, move to Seattle and settle down.
But lately that little soul-whisper has started up again.
{and she’s very persuasive, you know}

Maybe it’s because I’m 23, and old enough to do things just for me.
Maybe it’s because I’m 23, and young enough to do things just for me.

So I took up the reins again.

I sent an email to my school’s exchange program coordinator
And the email turned into a meeting, which turned into an application
Which, God willing, will turn into an interview

and then breathtaking dawns in a new place

{image via weheartit}

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