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This Land Is Your Land

Posted Apr 06 2013 2:15pm

It was first or second grade when I first learned the words to “This Land is Your Land.” I wondered if I would ever go to New York or California. The “golf stream” waters and redwood forests seemed so far away.

I know I made six-year-old-me really proud when I got to cross another one of those grand American things off my list.

The Muir Woods national monument is located 11 miles north of San Francisco.

It is a big tourist destination, and it’s not the only place to go see redwoods in the area – but it’s a national monument worth seeing. 

I will say that the parking is probably impossible in the summer months.  We had to walk about 1/2 mile from our parking spot on a day that wasn’t very busy. For admission, we purchased a pass for $20 which allows anyone we want to bring into the park (up to 5 people at a time) for the rest of the year. Sweet deal!


Now, let’s look at some trees.

They were spectacularly tall.


I alternated between listening to the sounds of the forest, staring straight up at the canopy, and resisting the urge to belt out a few lyrics from Pocahontas.

How high does the sycamore grow?

If you cut it down, then you’ll never know. (And I won’t know because these aren’t sycamores.)

Some trees have fallen to the ground. Some trees are burnt and some trees are hollow.

Most of the pathway through the forest is a boardwalk. It’s not really hiking until you take off on one of the trails.

We came a second time with some friends and walked the Ocean View Trail. I had a feeling there wouldn’t be an ocean view, but there really was a little sliver of Pacific Ocean at the top of the trail.

All in all, I love the peaceful nature trails at Muir Woods. I am looking forward to checking out more national parks in Northern California, lots of hiking in our future!

This land was made for you and me.

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