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This is Real.

Posted Feb 07 2013 4:21pm
I need to apologize to myself and to you. I've been a big FAT whiner lately. In my writing and most definitely, in my head... duh, my writing comes from my head so of course I've been a big FAT whiner there too.

Negative self talk is something I struggle with. I beat myself up for skipping that run, that yoga practice, that strength session. It's as if I just give up for that day... and then settle into an icky sludgy pool of regret. 

Today I'm working on kindness... beginning with me. I am everyone else's biggest cheerleader yet I'm my own worst enemy. Today, I'm going to give myself a little emotional hug and be proud of my hour at the gym. I killed it. I ran faster than I thought I could. I did an insane track workout that I wouldn't have even dreamed of attempting last year. I made me proud of me. 

So, I get to be kind.

Negative self talk doesn't just evaporate with a little dose of kindness. I also need to learn to shut up. When I look at my legs I see all the muscles that need strengthening, not the big ole calves that are actually visible for the first time in my life. When I look at my arms I see wimpy forearms... I long for the days I had Popeye forearms from rock climbing. What I don't see are the strong shoulders and biceps that allow me to hang out in plank and handstand like it ain't no thang. 

So, now I also get to shut up.

I wrote this post for me. I tend to write a lot for you because I like to help. But today, I had to take a moment to give myself a little lovin'. I hope I haven't scared you off. If I have, just remember... 

Be kind and Shut up.
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