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This is Mine.

Posted Apr 14 2013 1:40am


Journeys. Paths of self-discovery. Adventures.

We all go on one. Or two. Or 1000.

This is mine.

You can document it in all forms. Or not at all. Maybe by blog, photos, journaling, spoken word etc. Or maybe you just take the memories with you and have it fuel the rest of your experience.

I think before turning 30 is a good time to reflect and move forward, for me at least.  Not to get all Eat, Pray, Love on you, but when you get the chance to start over – take it. It’s probably there for a reason.

I’ve said goodbye to many things this year. I’ve let go of anger, pride and resentment. I was too busy pointing fingers about things ‘ruining my life’.

Well, good.

That life is over. Thank you for helping me start a new one.

The beauty of being older, more experienced and wiser when creating a new life, is the ability to make decisions that are well-informed & well fitting. It lacks remorse, guilt or any other negative emotion that would normally alter your choice. No parents to impress, no boyfriend or husband to keep in mind, no friends to keep happy. It is all you. You finally know how to make you happy and holy shit, does it feels fantastic.

Having a good support system is vital, but not mandatory. I am lucky I have one. I am also lucky I am strong-willed and confident in my choices as an individual. That is not saying I can’t make mistakes.  It’s simply stating if I land on my ass, it is a much faster recovery time.

Throwing myself back in TKD  has been exactly what I needed. Back to assisting, back to training, back to being a member of the community again. Grad school is winding down and is the most prevalent source of stress. Finals are looming. Taking physical inventory of what I own and throwing/donating a lot of it, does wonders. Actively losing weight and getting into real shape has been a blessing. I don’t know when it clicked, but it did and I’m letting go of all the ‘I can’ts’.

Lastly, I will leave you with some music that inspired this post.  Go download M83′s album ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming‘ . Immediately.

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