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This is a piece of cake

Posted Oct 07 2008 7:18pm

I just got off of the treadmill and I was clock-watching like it was my life’s calling. I didn’t want to be there. Perhaps I should be on a beach somewhere, lounging or debating which Ben & Jerry’s to tackle next. I struggle with the same issue you do: how to get myself to do what I need to do. You see, I hate exercise just as much or maybe even more than you do.  It’s frustrating to motivate yourself to exercise even though know we all know it’s good for our bodies and it’s good for our minds.  Why the resistance?

Then fact is exercise makes me feel better.  After exercising, my body feels the rush of endorphins in my mind is clear about what I need to do for the rest of the day.  If I’m lucky I get glimpses about my future and brilliant (ok, what I think of as brilliant) ideas while exercising.  There is something about clearing the gunk out of our bodies that provides the fertile soil for growth and expansion in our lives.  Oh yeah, and it creates Buns of Steel©.

So why the hesitation; why is it so hard to get going?  The problem lies not with our bodies, but with our minds.  Our bodies are more than willing to do what we tell them to do. Even if you can’t necessarily move in the ways that you want to you can still reap the benefits of movement. I will never be an Olympic contender in the shot put event, but that doesn’t stop my body from trying to obey my commands.  I physically feel better after exercising, even if it creates a temporary soreness or stiffness initially. I must acknowledge that I am pushing myself in the direction of wellness.  My mind, however, is completely resistant to the idea.  By changing my thoughts, I can change the outcome of my day and make the process of moving less fraught with bad connotations.

Instead of saying, “I hate exercising.”  I can say “I love exercising.”  Is this true?  Probably not, but the latter thought prepares me for the impending action much better than the original thought. Instead of saying, “exercise is hard” I can say “exercise is a piece of cake.”  Why would I lie to myself like this?  Because it’s just as easy to believe a positive thought, a good thought, a thought in service of your health and well-being than it is to believe the negative thought.  Try it. When lacing up your shoes for that next walk think, “this is going to be great.”

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