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This Day in History; 40 Years Ago Today....

Posted Dec 12 2010 6:53pm
It was Saturday, December 12 and we were home on Wood Valley with our new baby boy. It had been a wonderful week and everything was great. To go back a week ago, no one really knew when Joe was coming home, including Joe. He was scheduled to be discharged from the army on Tuesday, December 8, 1970. I was living with Bob and Anna and waiting for 2 things: the birth of my baby and the arrival of my husband from Japan. I was safe and sound, and did not have any idea, when Bob called my name that fateful morning, Saturday, December 5, that one of the things that I was waiting for would be in the kitchen. I was so glad to see Joe. I ran and hugged him and Bob just stepped out of the way. He had been so upset about Joe going in the service and had said many times that he loved Joe like the son he never had. Our 2 dogs had a fit, too. Napolean was so excited that he jumped along the counter and turned on the dishwasher. It was a great day and it was only going to get better. Bob, Anna and I were thrilled beyond words that Joe was back home. Joe and I got in the car and went to Decatur to see Joe and Maurine. We came back, shortly, and Bob and Anna had a party for Joe. They had bought a keg of beer for the returned home soldier. Bob and Anna invited Joe's family and sister and Holt, David, Julianne and it was a time of rejoicing. Dick was in the army at the same time as Joe. He went to Viet Nam. David was in the Marines. Bob was in the Army. Even though we did not know Henry, just thought I would add that he was in the Navy. So salute to all of you! My Father, Bob, enlisted in the army, but they turned him down on account of a bad back. So the party was a success and lots of fun. On Sunday evening, we were headed for the hospital and Dr. Freeman called and said that Northside Hospital was full. So the next day, Monday, December 7, we headed for the hospital at 7:00 at night. Our baby was born on Tuesday, December 8 at 1:17 in the early morning. It was a great time and we were elated. So that was a week that was great 40 years ago today..... Picture to follow.....
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