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This crazy Army life…

Posted Feb 14 2013 4:35am

First, thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway . And if you haven’t, there’s still plenty of time!

Next, I really just need to unload about my day today. Isn’t that what blogs are for anyway? I also want to gush how a friend saved my life. And how my wonderful husband blasted me with both good news and bad news (isn’t that how that always happens?) and how his news made me cry, almost hyperventilate and then later made me smile, and then how I stuffed my face later today (no I don’t eat my feelings, baby girl really wanted crab legs).

Hmm. Perhaps I should stop putting things in parentheses so much? (screw it, whateva, I do what I want) (I will love you forever if you caught that reference) (parentheses overload!!!)

Okay so anyway.

This morning I woke up at my usual time, 30 minutes before Caleb normally gets up. I practiced yoga in my pajamas, made a hot chai tea latte, and then caught up on the bachelor while I waited for Caleb to get up. Life’s peachy, y’all.

3 hours LATER, the kid was still sleeping. It was around 10:30 when I mulled over whether or not I should wake him up. I even tweeted and texted a friend about whether or not I should wake him till I heard him start to stir around 11am. I get him up and the first thing I notice is that he has a runny nose and a nasty cough. Great, he’s sick. But not a big deal, I can handle this.

So we go about our daily business as usual when I get a phone call from my husband’s unit chaplain. He called to tell us that congratulations, we are the last couple to make it on the list for the marriage retreat at Ski Beech Mountain Resort for this weekend!

YAY!!!!!! Happy dance! We’re in for a weekend of skiing, awesome food, great classes, free childcare and free accommodations. AMAZING!

And then I get another call from my husband. He tells me he got put on staff duty so he’ll be gone all Friday and Saturday. Womp womp, now we can’t even go.

Nooooo! Major sad face! I was so looking forward to this weekend. We needed a break after all of the stress we’ve been through lately. But okay that’s cool, we can make the best of the weekend somehow. Again, I can handle it.

But then, he keeps going. Oh yeah, that’s not all folks. He then proceeds to tell me that he’s being scheduled for training down in South Carolina. Um, homeboy JUST got back after being gone at a school for a month. Are you effing kidding me!?

Okay, deep breath, I can also handle this.

But the news just piles on. He then lays it on me that he’s also scheduled for another training event here where he’ll be out in the field playing GI Joe. Meaning he won’t be home. Again.

And the news gets even sweeter. All of this is happening DURING MY NEXT 10 DAYS OF YOGA TEACHER TRAINING.

Translation: who the eff is going to watch Caleb while I’m in training and while he’s out rolling in the mud!?

Our original plan was to put Caleb in child care during the day and have the hubs drop him off and pick him up since I’m gone from 7am to 9pm every night. But with the hubs gone, me being gone from 7am till 9am, us only having one car and the childcare center not even being open that late, we were out of options. It doesn’t help matters that we were wait listed for childcare and they ended up not having room for us anyway.

So I’m freaking out about what to do with Caleb, blasting my Facebook feed about how much I can’t stand the Army today, and crying to the hubs about how important this training is for me and how badly I want it and how this really sucks that there’s this whole wench in our plans. Blah blah blah, whine, whine, whine. I admit that I was being a ridiculous baby and that I’m not proud of myself. But I finally realized that the only thing getting in the way of my goals, is myself.

It’s not something I’m happy about but I decide to bite the bullet and shell out a ton of money we don’t have to hire a nanny off SitterCity. As uneasy as I am about hiring a stranger off the internet, it was the only choice we had left since I HAVE to get this training done. I started putting an ad up when I get, yet again, another freaking phone call.  I was tempted to flush my phone in the toilet hoping I could avoid hearing any more bad news but when I saw that it was a friend calling, I picked up.

Long story short, it was Madeline and she freaking saved the day. She asked her sister to nanny Caleb for us while we were gone. So now we have him taken care of for the first half of my session (still need to find a sitter for the first few days) AND it’s someone I trust because it’s Maddy’s sister and I trust Maddy, therefore I trust her sister. Does that make sense?

Basically, we’re happy and if I wasn’t enormously pregnant I swear I would actually feel 20lbs lighter right now.

But wait, my roller coaster of an emotional day’s not over yet!

After hanging up the phone, I get ANOTHER phone call from my husband. And this time the toilet was really calling my phones name (if it had one). So I pick up the phone expecting to hear him tell me that he’s now ordered to deploy for a million years to a remote country where I’ll never hear from him ever again and where he’ll never get paid and where he has to leave immediately without even saying goodbye. Hah, yes I was slightly dramatic about his calls today. Maybe just a tad ;)

So I pick up and the first thing he says to me is “Guess what?”

Me: “WHAT NOW”. < That was a declarative remark, I wasn’t even bothering to question anything at this point.

Him: “We’re officially moving to GERMANY!!!!!”

Me: Inaudible screams


So that’s how my day went from a low, to a high, and then to even more of a high. Granted, we’ll be moving with a brand spanking new baby and a toddler, in the heat of summer, to a small town in the middle of the sticks…but we’ll be in freaking GERMANY. We can totally handle this!

I mean…it’s GERMANY!!!!!


And then we went to Joe’s Crab Shack because I was craving seafood. This has nothing to do with the rest of my post, I just had to include this part of my day because the crab legs and mussels I ordered were really tasty and they made me happy on top of everything that made me happy. That is all.

Oh and here’s a pic that makes me go “Aw”. InstaAww ;)

Have a great Valentines day! Anyone have special plans?

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