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Thirsty Wheatgrass Thursday

Posted Nov 11 2010 1:00am

Happy Thirsty Thursday!!!!

Also, Happy Veterans Day! Thank you to all the service men and women out there!

Once upon a time I had some wheatgrass on my deck:

It grew really high, and pretty, very full and bright green.

Then I won a blogger giveaway from here , where I received one of these:

It made a huge mess on my counter (and my carpet). Took a while to figure out how to do use it correctly.

Then, my wheatgrass died :(

Instead of trying with another pack of seeds:

I opted for this:

I LOVE my shot of wheatgrass in the morning:

All you do it cut one of these out, place it in hot water, shake it up, and take it down:

Easy, healthy, energizing!


Do you drink wheatgrass juice? If so, do you like it straight-up or mixed in with other juices?

My shot of wheatgrass juice pairs PERFECTLY with my overnight oats:

This batch included Berry Flavored Vega, Almond Milk, Raisins and Chia Seeds

Krystal over at Vega was nice enough to send me some samples. As some of you may know, I love Vega Vanilla Chai, but never tried the berry flavor before:

Twas’ Delishy

From their website :

Vega Provides Essential Everyday Nutrition

Combining whole food goodness with fast food convenience, Vega is a convenient and complete source of plant-based whole foods. Easily digested, alkaline-forming and pleasant-tasting, Vega is ideal for anyone looking for a simple, one-stop supplement solution to support optimal health and vitality.

Formulated by Brendan Brazier, vegan professional Ironman Triathlete and best-selling author on nutrition, Vega is a synergistic collection of Brendan’s favorite plant-based superfoods. For years Brendan has thrived by fueling his body with whole food meals in liquid form. After extensive formulation and testing, Vega is a replica of Brendan’s tried-and-true health and performance optimizing shake.

Use Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer to help:

  • Promote optimal health and increase energy and stamina
  • Meet 100% of recommended daily intake of vitamins & minerals
  • Meet 60% of recommended daily intake of fiber
  • Support the development of bones & teeth
  • Ensure healthy thyroid and hormonal function
  • Enhance digestion and gastrointestinal function
  • Preserve good cardiovascular health
  • Support eyesight, skin health and immune system
  • Maintain proper muscle function
  • Encourage healthy weight loss by improving metabolism, increasing feeling of fullness and controlling blood sugar

Krystal also sent me 2 samples of their vibrancy bars:

Just in time too…it was a day I was out of snacks, on the road, and gym bound. The chocolate decadent bar was the PERFECT post-workout snack for me:

I tried the Green Synergy bar a few days later, and it was pretty good too! I was actually worried because I usually like some chocolate flavors in my bars, but this had a very nice flavor to it :-)

Have you ever tried Vega Vibrancy Bars? Vega Protein? What’s your favorite flavor?


I had SO much leftover butternut squash from my soup yesterday. I sent some over to my sister in laws (who is a fellow squash lover), and kept a little for myself to roast.

Before I put it in the squash in the oven, Michael said to me “Why are you cooking cantaloupe?” True story.

I took Holly’s suggestion from my comments yesterday and roasted it with some maple syrup and cinnamon:

sweet like candy.

I roasted it in the oven alongside (in a separate pan) of some Brussels Sprouts. This is a veg I have had a hard time mastering. My mother in law makes the BEST sprouts! I have her recipe, and have had her give me a tutorial on how she does it…however, it doesn’t turn out right for me. She does it stove top, high heat, cuts them in half with EVOO, clam juice, lemon juice, salt and pepper. They always burn for me, and stay hard. No good. Even when I turned the heat down, and tried to do it her way…still too hard. I like them nice and tender.

I decided last night to roast them on low heat for an hour. I tossed them in Olive Oil, Lemon juice, Sea Salt and Pepper. Usually I will add some toasted pine nuts before I serve them, but I was out:

Instead of cutting them in half, I cut off the stems and made an X on the top to let the heat in, and the bitterness out. I roasted them at 325 degrees for an hour. They came out wonderful. I especially love when some of the leaves on the outside get all crispy, while the inside is really tender. Yum!

As a kid I HATED Brussels Sprouts. It was probably the way my dad prepared them (sorry dad); or the fact that my taste buds have changed with time. Now, they are one of my favorite veggies…when prepared correctly :-)

What’s a vegetable you HATED as a kid, that you love or learned to like as an adult??


Kelsey posted a really cool exercise on her blog yesterday. It was an exercise to find out your birth chakra . By the end of the exercise you should have one number, that tells you what chakra you were born under, which follows you through your life. There were 3 other numbers that gave you the chakra for certain ages throughout your life also. It was a lot of fun!

I got #6:

Harmony, beauty, nurturing, love, marriage, family, responsibility, understanding, sympathy, healing, empathic, perfectionist, order, duty, comfort, service.

Pretty neat stuff :-)

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!!! Check back tomorrow for a very special Guest Blogger Friday 5!!!!

I am opening it up for 1 more week, there are only a few categorys left to post for, email me if you’re interested!

PS–THANKS so much for all of your comments about my new “ Watch Me Grow ” page! I will be updating it every 4 weeks. So exciting!!


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