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Thirsty Thursday Veggie Man

Posted Jun 10 2010 12:00am
Kermit the Chia

1 cup tightly packed Dino Kale
1/2 cup green grapes (frozen)
1 small Anjou Pear
1/2 Banana
1/2 Orange
1/2 TBS Chia Seeds
1/2 tsp Maca Powder

Happy Thursday....almost Friday to you all! How was your week??? Mine was OK. I know I've talked before about wanting to go back to school, and the anxieties that come with my pondering. This week I have thought a lot more about the direction I want to go in, the end result, how I can get there, and the best approach to help  my current business grow. Michael has been supportive, yet had some reservations about me going back to school for 4 years, getting in 30+k debt. I think I have a good idea, and it's something that is in high demand, whether people know it or not. Stay tuned.

I feel very lucky to not only have a very handsome, wonderful, adorable hubby....but one that loved veggies too <3

As much of a "meat n' taters" guy he is, he has always watched his red meat intake, for as long as I have known him. In retrospect, I have never had much of a problem getting him to eat veggies. It's ALL his other weird food issues; as well as him getting bored with things. He likes a lot of veggies, but there are also a lot that I love that he won't touch. Particularly sweet potatoes, zucchini, eggplant, anything in the squash family. He loves cauliflower, broccoli, raw red pepper, onion, cucumber, celery (especially the white part), asparagus, white potato, and he can take or leave spinach, he usually doesn't eat much of it when I make it, I have to try and sneak it in....but usually I end up just drinking it all.

The problem is, as I said, getting him to NOT get bored with them. I can make broccoli, asparagus and cauliflower (his favorites), but he will get sick of it after a couple weeks of me making it. I try to get more creative with roasting veggies, but he really only likes them plain. I have been trying to encourage his veggie intake by buying more of the things he likes and cutting them up for snacks (I do not keep ANY junk in the house, snack food wise, so he has no choice but to eat raw veggies and fruit...and so far he hasn't complained). Luckily, these are the things we can still share, even though I am always making separate entrees now a days.

Tonight, he asked for chicken to throw on the grill and some broccoli and cauliflower. I knew he would be hungry by the time I got home with the grocery's, so the plan was to get him to munch on some Crudité while I prepped the rest:

Michael's Dinner:

Broccoli and Cauliflower blanched for a few minutes then tossed in a lil' EVOO:

He grilled up some "hot" chicken (chicken marinated in a all natural hot sauce)

he asked me if I was even tempted/ or it looked good to me at all. Honestly, it looks OK, but I am SO over chicken and meat. I really don't miss it. But he likes it, and I buy organic for him, loaded him up with the it's all good in da hood---could be WAY worse....he could be bringing home cheese steaks every night (yuck). He has really been trying to eat healthier overall, and I love him for caring enough about what he puts into his body....because there are many that do not. Especially here, in the cheese steak capital of the world.

As for my dinner. I am obsessed with this Tahini and almost embarrassed to say, I made it AGAIN. I get on "kicks" too....and it's also money saving, since I have it, I am going to use it and just re-create the dishes I make.

Carrots, Cucumber, Vidalia Onions, Red Pepper, Yellow Heirloom Tomato:

Stir the veggies all up with the dressing.

Then place on a bed of chopped Romaine:

Topped with Avocado Flax Seeds and Chia Seeds

Delish =)

and a side of grilled eggplant:

The biggest issue I see with people is NOT knowing what to make for dinner. I see it all the time. They mean well, but just do not know what to prepare and are so set in their ways of cooking unhealthy meals. My mom for example, has lost a lot of weight recently (saying she just FINALLY started listening to muah's advice), however, she still cooks the deep fried, heavily breaded chicken (organic though, hah), along with a tub of non-food prepared mashed potatoes. She claims it's all my siblings will eat...they claim they will eat healthy if she makes it. Who knows what to make of it. All I know is, I started making my own meals when I was 14 on a foreman grill b/c that chicken dish was the most disgusting thing in the world to me, along with pork chops, buttered frozen veggies, potato buds and all that other stuff that was marketed as "nutritious", and known to be quick and easy with my moms busy schedule. I stopped eating the diners my family prepared a looooong time ago. It has a lot to do with my interest in nutrition and health, and my motivation as a kid to go veg. At such a  young age, I knew this stuff wasn't healthy. My habits back then were not always the "healthiest" the other way, but the confusion on nutrition and all the franken-foods out there made it very hard to understand that food could actually BE healthy. I don't blame my parents, because they didn't know any better either. It was all they knew. As far as they were concerned the ads on the boxes said it was nutritious, from a veggie, and they just cooked according to the "square meal" concept.

No one got more riled up about Food Inc. than my mom, she is reading Eating Animals and borrowed Omnivores Dilemma (hence the organic chicken)...she has cut back on her meat intake, and ate cabbage wraps with me the other night while the rest of the family dipped that chicken in "bottled" lemon juice. Cringe. I can't say anything b/c the defenses come up; but the truth is I love my family, but they are my toughest cause. Family takes any advice as criticism, strangers take it as help and welcomes the advice. It is why I am so strong in my beliefs, and so passionate about healthy eating and healthy food...I remember when I was younger saying I couldn't wait to have my own place so I can buy all my healthy food and make it how I want, with no junk food around.

My family has every intention of being healthier...trying to buy more fruit (which sometimes goes rotten). But I still see my sis drinking a 2 liter of soda, and all the sugary tea in the fridge (and lack of water), along with the worst snack foods you could possibly imagine.  None of my siblings are over weight (but I am concerned about their health & the diseases that run in my family including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, high blood pressure), my brother, Robbie, is very into fitness, and says he buys a lot of his own food/ My mom claims she can not cook healthy because he needs a home cooked meal every night? He says it not true. Either way, my answer is to throw the organic chicken on the grill in a healthy marinade. Buy fresh veggies from the farmers market. Chuck the GM breading, the God-knows the ingredients list of the mashed potatoes (seriously...seriously!!???), and buy some REAL fresh lemons, plz!!!This is something that really bothers me, that even after all this time...and how much healthier my mom has finally gotten, looking fabulous and thinner every time I see her....but still feeding the fam this food that she's not touching. My grown, barely adult siblings, btw. My hands are tied...all I can do is try and motivate the rest of the world to make healthier choices.

The problem is getting out of that mindset that your family will only eat certain foods. They will eat what you give them. There is an array of healthy recipes that are quite delicious, and easy to make out there. I thought my bloggy would be a good place to start ;-)

I finally caved and watched "Losing It" to see what it was all about. I have to admit, the concept is WAY better than "The Biggest Loser." I can't stand all the yelling, but I like how she teaches the families how to eat healthy, and jump starts their routine. It's more realistic. Before, people thought that the only way they could lose weight was buy getting on a show like "The Biggest Loser," a place where they work you out 6 hours a day, and having set meals, with no sweets or fried foods (only on those ridiculous challenges). The reason I bring it up, is because the families were eating pasta, fried chicken, and other heavy Italian meals, endless meals...and after 6 weeks, and a lot of weight shed, they were fresh, colorful veggies on the stove, grilled chicken, fish and so on. Sometimes people need a kick-start. Someone to show them how easy it is to cook healthy. I feel I have done this numerous times with my fam...starting to sound like a broken record. I just care about them so much, and knowing all I know makes it even harder for me.

You are what you eat. You only get one should carefully choose the things that you put into it...treat it with respect.

It's not a  "time" takes less time, actually to make grilled chicken, or make a ton of veggies. You can roast them, make them raw, grill them, saute. Make a list of the veggies your family likes, and see how many recipes you can come up with together!  

Has anyone had issues with wanting the best for loved ones, but not getting through about the seriousness of their choices because you were family, and the subject always gets ignored, or excuses flow endlessly?

Have  you made a change in your life with how you feed your family? How did the transition go? Did your kids/spouse welcome the changes, complain about going back to the old way of eating? 

Enjoy your night!


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