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Thirsty ‘Big Reveal’ Thursday

Posted Sep 30 2010 1:00am

Happy Thirsty Thursday! The day some of you have been waiting for has finally arrived….

First –-the drink…another reason I love fall….ginger tea! I have been drinking a lot of ginger these days…adding it to green drinks every chance I get as well!

Hot Ginger Tea


Ginger root is beneficial for your digestive system and your immune system! Ginger has been used in Chinese Medicine for things like asthma, colds, flu, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. If you feel a cold coming on, I hear you should brew a cup with some extra ginger slices, honey and sit it a steamy bath while you sip on the tea, it’s supposed to prevent you from getting sick. It also reduces inflammation (great for arthritis sufferers, or muscle soreness), improve circulation (makes the platelets less sticky), relieves menstrual cramps, and helps relieve nausea that pregnant women suffer. It also reduces stress (mood enhancer) & suppresses appetite!

So get  yourself some root!

I can’t believe this day has come. I was very close to extending the surprise ;-)


Be patient…you’ve waited this long!

Before you scroll down (if you do you are NO fun)…let me say a few things….

First off, I want to give a very special thanks to Tina from Faith Fitness Fun for the amazing 30 Days of Self Love project she posted through her blog. It was such an inspiration to me, and many other bloggers out there. As the month comes to an end, I want to say, even though I haven’t mentioned it in a few days, I have been reading and it has really helped me, especially this month! It was perfect timing you could say!

I posted an excerpt from one of the most inspirational books I read in my recovery from disordered eating, on day 1 of 30 DSL. I thought it was pretty powerful stuff, and it was great to get all of your feedback as well :-)


Please Play along if you still don’t know…….

Many of you guessed early on what the BIG surprise was. I was trying to be clever, throw you off my track. Some of you were just too smart. Others, had very good guesses….and some of you claimed to have NO idea (I love  you guys).

Week 1 My hint was a



This was referring to size. Although now it’s more like a kumquat.


The next clue was:

“There’s an app for it” The app let me know the actual size, and more details….

next was…

“Part of it has something to do with a few new workout programs I am designing.” I AM thinking about writing a book about my experience, and how to stay healthy and fit….

My last clue, I tried throwing everyone off….all you clever people that were SO adamant in your guessing ;-)


“I will be needing a food processor” this will be true down the line….because I WILL be a nut and make a lot of my own food….

If I were to give a clue this week it would be…

I have been keeping this in stock:

and saying goodbye to something I worked hard for….

Today I will say goodbye to the flat tummy I that has taken YEARS to achieve, after years of hard work…I have to accept the fact that my body will never be quite the same again.

It’s all for a good cause…

If you haven’t guessed it by now….YES….

I am expecting …a baby :D

Some of you are just WAY too smart for your own good. Sorry I had to ignore your guesses, but I was cracking up and saying “rats” behind the computer every time one of you said the word of truth.

I felt a little funny telling everyone THIS early…but it has been SO hard posting lately and NOT sharing certain things with you all. Plus, I have SO many ideas/ question/ feeling/ etc that I want to share with moms, future moms, and  so on :-)

Not to worry, my blog is not going to turn my blog into mommy central for those readers that come here for fitness and nutrition inspiration .….still the same advice and still the same Laury. I am actually MORE of a health nut now than EVER, so it benefits all ;-)

I started tracking the tummy…’s 3 weeks:

the pic is stinky and blurry because I had to do it on a timer, Michael wasn’t home, and I wanted to do it while I thought of it so I could start from the very beginning :-)

My body changed IMMEDIATELY! Before I KNEW I was pregnant, I was about to seriously re-evaluate my diet. I had been eating a lot more of a vegan diet during the week, and thought maybe I was in fact lacking protein (or that MY body wasn’t responding well to a real low protein/ plant protein diet), since my muscle tone seemed be softening up, my triceps were starting to “un-firm” if that’s even a word…and these negative thoughts that I hadn’t had in YEARS started coming in my head. ONLY because I felt i was eating HEALTHIER than ever, not skipping workouts, and I thought “Oh no, PLEASE do not tell me my body is going to do this again to me.”

That’s when Tina (who is also expecting) announced 30 Days of Self-Love….and it made me re-open Eating In The Light of The Moon , and re-evaluate my thinking. Then, we took the test, and it all made sense. Michael and I are SO happy…we have been trying, and both really wanted this….for a while HE wanted it way more than I did, LOL. He wants to be a dad, and he’s going to be the BEST dad ever.

I still have my fears…always knew that I would when this day came. Again, words can not describe how happy I am, and how much I ALREADY love this baby and want to give it the best environment to grow in, feeding it the best food, taking care of my body, staying positive…but there are going to be struggles that I haven’t felt in years.When I go to the gym, I KNOW my body looks different, and it’s too early to tell I am pregnant, so I feel like people are looking at me like “Wow, she’s packing on some pounds lately.” It’s an awkward phase in the pregnancy that I have personally been struggling with. It could be entirely in my head, and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter because I AM pregnant…and if people are thinking those things, then screw em’ –the truth will show soon enough.

My husband always said (we have been together 10 years, so he knows ALL my old antics) “Will you be OK when you get pregnant one day?” “Can you deal with that weight gain.” I always assured him that I could, and I still believe that I am going to endure it….and  I am going to be as HEALTHY as I can…listen to my body, and not drive myself TOO nuts about being “healthy.”

It’s the fact that people say to me “Oh, you are going to be all belly, you are tiny.” that actually gets me…because it may not be true…My face and ass may blow up like the blueberry girl in Willy Wonka, you have to just let your body do what it’s going to do. My arms may get chunky, my hips wider, but I just gotta let nature run its course. I may NOT be all belly, I may be ALL baby, everywhere.

I will NOT look like Rachel Green when she was pregnant on FRIENDS because she wasn’t pregnant! She was 90 pounds wearing a fake belly. That’s not ideal, healthy (for someone who is preggy), or realistic. But that’s what television does…it even makes pregnant women have body issues on how they think they should look.

I can continue to exercise, eat healthy ( I HATE the term eating for two…I need to eat more, but not double)–Also that people will expect it to “fall off” of me after the baby since I know what to do and am small now. It’s kind of making me feel pressured to live up to the expectations…I KNOW they are saying it as comfort, but my fear is that it doesn’t and I lose respect being in the industry that I am in…sounds ridiculous, I know, but these are the things I have been struggling with these past few weeks.

All in all, I am EXCITED, and I actually can not WAIT to have a big hard round belly where I feel my baby kicking!

We went to the doc a couple weeks ago, and everything looked great! he said it was very refreshing seeing someone that was as health conscious as I am, and how healthy I appeared to be. he was laid back about things….made me feel better about myths I have heard, he assured me that I could do Ab exercises, and that exercising was the BEST thing I could do for myself and the baby (I already knew this, but was being a little paranoid before I went to the doc, stopped doing Ab exercises b/c there was so much conflicting info out there)–told me the nasty prenatal vitamins I got were great, and it was great how I already was taking the B12/ B6 (with folic acid, although it is in prenatals, and A LOT of my diet) was smart to help with nausea.

back to the belly pics:

Right now it’s just looking weird, in the beginning your lower stomach pooches out, and mine is like pointy or something…so odd…

8 weeks:

next pic will be in a couple weeks, it’s already grown since then! My boobs are like DOUBLE the size and KILLING me!

I am 10 weeks now….I planned this out to tell you all around 3 months, but my math was off –so you got told early. Kind of not supposed to announce it THIS early, but like I said before…it’s almost 3 months, and I couldn’t wait to share the news—it will make blogging easier.

For instance, when I was too sick to blog on Monday…that was the baby kicking my butt.

How we told my family….

This is too long and complicated of a story, because it was IMPOSSIBLE to get my family in one room. Not because we don’t get along, we all get along great, we just all have ADD and crazy work schedules….especially my mom. So, I had to tell everyone separately, my mom was last…because I wanted to make sure everyone was there to see her and my dad’s reactions.

She manages a restaurant, and had to work the Sunday I was planning to tell her (Michael family was later that night)–She was working until 2pm, then had to go back in at 4pm, so I had a small window of time. I told her I needed her to fax something for me and that Michael and I were running errands and would swing by the house between her shifts. Well, 3pm rolls around, she’s STILL not home. I was getting upset. Finally, 3:20 she walks in, and I handed her a bag and said what I needed her to fax was inside of it–

but these were in there instead ;-)

How we told Michael’s family…..

To make a long story short, I used my excuse of winning the Whole Foods Gift Card to make my Vegan Lasagna (my in-laws don’t generally share my enthusiasm for this kind of food) my mother in law, who I love dearly, was on her “Scarsdale Diet” that she doesn’t need to be on does once or twice a year (no comment) and had to have “steak” that night. So, I still had to try and pull this off. The boys definitely were not trying my Vegan lasagna , as delishy as it is….so it was safe to say that the steak was a good way to lure the rest of the family after all. I ended up giving half of my lasagna to my family anyway, I just wanted to make it just to make it…I didn’t expect everyone to embrace it– just needed an excuse!

My sister in law had two weddings that weekend, and it was looking slim that she would make it to dinner. My brother in law, David and sister in law, Julie and the baby were free, and miraculously Rose said she would make it too! Yey!

I put together this brag book…said a client gave it to me and I had no use for it. Well, it would of helped if my mother in law read the inside, but Michael decided to do this at a moment she was holding Zach and telling a story…it was pretty funny, Mike kept handing it to her telling her to look at it, she kept saying “Cute” and putting it aside. Finally she started reading it, and anyone would know from our urgency for her to read it what what going on, she then immediately started freaking out–my sister in law, Julie was still trying to figure out why- while my mother in law and other sister in law were tearing up and shouting….then she got it

The poem read….

BOTH of our families are thrilled, as you can imagine. I could not of asked for more loving, caring and supportive people in our lives. Michael and I  are truly blessed :-)

So now you know my secrets, all of them. I hope it was worth the wait ;-)


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