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Posted Nov 20 2010 12:00am

Imagine yourself stranded on a deserted island in the middle of an ocean. After a short time you begin to thirst; all the while surrounded by a body of water of which you can not drink. Your thirst is great and in time you attempt to drink many things to quench your thirst, however you find nothing that satisfies your bodies need for pure water. At first you try things and think that you have quenched your thirst only to find that your body rejects that which you attempt to substitute for what you truly need. Over time you find yourself literally dying of thirst. You are dying of thirst even though you are surrounded by water. It is ironic that you die of thirst when there is so much liquid around you.  You become so focused on the irony of your situation and what you lack that you are unable to find the spring of pure water which is within the island and you die of thirst never discovering what was there all along.

We thirst for love, for wisdom and for peace and we search and attempt many things in the belief that one of these things we try will be what we seek. After time we find that although we are surrounded by what appears to be what we thirst for that all things external to us do not satisfy our thirst and much of what we ingest creates more harm to us than does good.

The ultimate wisdom is to remember that all that we thirst for is found within us and that we are never an island. Once we taste that which we truly thirst for we begin to understand that the only isolation that exists is that which we create in our mind. We are all connected; we all drink from the same spring a spring that is fed by the same source which connects each of us in profound and literal ways.

The spring from which we drink is love and is fed by love. Go within and remember your spring, dip your cup in and bring the spring to your lips and taste the beauty of that which answers your thirst. Know that you are what you thirst for, you are love and that by being love you bring love to all.

My cup do runneth over and satisfies my thirst. I no longer seek for I am at the spring, I am dipping my cup into an endless spring of love. It is this love that is you and that is me. As I raise my cup full of love from the eternal spring it is my desire that I may here a “clinking sound” as our cups touch on the way to our lips. May we look at each other, acknowledge the love that we each are and join our souls in love.

May we both remember when we first gaze upon each other that “love” may not look as we expect. May we remember to look into each other’s eyes and see beyond the external, making no judgments, releasing our expectations and simply see each other’s soul for the pureness that it is.

“You should not see the desert simply as some faraway place of little rain. There are many forms of thirst”

- William Lnagewiesche – Author


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