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Third Time Around

Posted Jul 18 2011 10:25pm

We celebrated the third anniversary of our first date today. For all intensive purposes, we call this day our anniversary, because we’ve been together ever since.

I can’t believe three years have zipped by, and suddenly J & I are fully-functioning adults with a nice apartment and regular incomes. I’ve matured so much, in fact, that instead of spending almost $100 on a fancy dinner out for this occasion, I decided to do it all for free at home.

I made a simple but delicious menu that wouldn’t require much heat in the kitchen (it’s still way too hot.)

Using what we had on hand, I prepared spinach salad with agave mustard dressing, shrimp al fredo with linguine and sweet corn. I also chilled a bottle of white wine from our rack to accompany the meal We could have easily dropped $80-$100 on a dinner like this, especially when you add in a bottle of wine. I did it for free, essentially.

To create a special, romantic atmosphere, I strung together some small accents from around the apartment. Candles, place mats, extra plates and glasses to give the setting that superfluous restaurant feeling.

My wisest idea was technological, if you can believe it. I set the laptop up to our big screen computer monitor. Then I found a video on Youtube of firewood burning and crackling in a hearth, and played it on full screen. It actually provided that warm feeling, even though we had the A/C cranking full blast in the background.

Then, it was time for the wine. Three cheers to three years.

It was finally time eat. I brought out the dish in the most presentable fashion I could. I am an aspiring Tastespotter , and I need to work on composition.

I interrupt this romantic dinner for some unencumbered food photography.

Though I took care to bring the meal together at once so everything would be served warmed, I dropped everything to set up the tripod before we could sit down to eat.

It was worth it.

As a first attempt at setting/composing of a food photo as more than just a plate of food, I think I did well.

Those pictures probably still aren’t good enough for Tastespotting, but it’s a vast improvement from what our table actually looks like when we eat.

After we cleared the superfluous dirty plates and dishes, I pulled out a little activity to help us remember all the fun we’ve had together.

I cut 6 pieces of paper, 3 for each of us, with simple instructions to: Write three of your most favorite memories from the past 3 years.

Many happy thoughts came to mind, but I tried to write down memories that really summed up our time together.

When we were done writing, we folded the papers up and scrambled them together. Then, we took turns reading one aloud.

We both wrote about a weekend getaway last year in San Francisco. We stayed in an awesome hotel and the weather was perfect + we ♥ SF. Other memories were from when we first met on campus, first started dating, college parties, and drunken nights of board game playing.

The Halloween Party Justin was referring to is shown below.

Good times. By the way, we did save room for the third course: ice cream at Chill.

J got Butterfinger ice cream with caramel and a cone.

I got strawberry ice cream with hot fudge and bananas.

How sweet it is.

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