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Think Outside the Box[ing]

Posted Aug 25 2010 11:55am

Alternative title: “I Promise This Post Isn’t About Bikes” ;)

I purposely left out cross training activities like swimming & biking in the post about how to improve your running without running These things are, of course, fabulous ways to improve your running- but it’s what I always turn to. It’s time to think outside the box- what about classes like zumba, step, or kickboxing?

Before I hurt my feet , I was a step addict (call me an 80’s wannabe if you want ;) ) & I taught kids’ kickboxing classes. [I doubt you’ll ever find me loving zumba]. I never considered that these classes were improving my running, but they were. They without question boosted my cardiovascular capacity, and since they used different movements than running, it gave my overworked leg muscles are break & worked on the ones running didn’t get to.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done any class but Pilates, but last night I accompanied my mom to an LA Boxing class to give it a try.

{To be honest, I tried to protest and say I couldn’t do it because I’m injured, but then I remembered how excited my mom’s been over the past few weeks about taking control of her lack of exercise, so I caved and went with her.}

Every time she talked about class, she said “kickboxing”, but oh no. This was boxing-boxing. Each person had their own giant punching bag, hand wraps, and boxing gloves.

boxing wraps (Picture from website)

The class started out much like a “bootcamp” class at the gym- jumping jacks, push-ups, burpees, you name it. [I got the ab workout of my life since I did sit ups every time there was a jumping exercise]

But then we started punching. It took me a minute to realize I actually had something to punch- not just the air in front of me like in kickboxing. And once I figured that out, my feelings for the class changed.

punching bags

I had a blast punching the crap out of that bag. Seriously. [Husband- consider yourself warned!] I understand the need for wraps & gloves now…

Would I ever want to join this kind of gym? No. But I wouldn’t mind having my own personal punching bag- talk about a stress release!

On a side note, you may have noticed a change in my blog style. I’m still working on exactly what it is, but I’m trying to do my own thing, not just what everybody else does. If you have comments or suggestions about what you like & don’t like, please feel free to tell me. (I may or may not listen ;) )

Anyways, if you’re a blogger, you know that sometimes the writing comes easily, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes a post is a homerun, and sometimes it’s a bomb.

Last night I finally caved and downloaded Problogger’s ‘ Scorecard for Bloggers’ . I’m an affiliate for his 31 Days to Build a Better Blog- that one’s full of useful stuff so I figured having some extra tips would come in handy.

I was a little bit blown away- the authors are selling themselves short by calling it a “Scorecard”. It is a scorecard in that it gives you an actual checklist to go through to see how your blog or posts score, as far as content, SEO, grammar, etc. But it’s 59 pages of how to improve everything on the list.

So if you’re interested, check it out.

blog scorecard

Ever tried boxing or another alternative workout? I really, really want to try air yoga (the one with the hanging fabric!!)

P.S. The Scorecard is $9.97 but only til Tuesday, then the price bumps up.

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