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Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Lenovo ThinkPad W700 Battery

Posted Jul 02 2013 7:20am

When you are looking for a  Lenovo ThinkPad W700 battery  to replace the dead one in your laptop, do not let any rogue salesperson, a laptop accessory retailer, or wholesaler convinces you that one type suits all. All batteries and adapters for that matter are different. Just because a particular design works well for a friend who has a different Lenovo brand, does not mean that it will also work well for you. Choose a battery for Lenovo ThinkPad W700 made only for your laptop computer. Consider the following tips to increase your chances of finding the best:



Lenovo ThinkPad W700 battery chemistries have improved over the years. When Acer first introduced the Lenovo brand, enthusiasts had to contend with inefficient Nickel Cadmium designs that could only last for a couple of hours. They were also bulky and heavy, making it hard to for individuals who loved working outdoors, enjoy this royalty. As technology advanced, and thirst for smaller, but high-capacity  battery for Lenovo ThinkPad W700  laptops increased, manufactures introduced the Nickel Metal Hydride chemistry. Although cells made of Ni-MH were efficient and relatively high-capacity compared to their predecessor, they had charge memory issues, a primary concern among many people then. The introduction on Lithium ion batteries solved the foregoing and a myriad of other problems that ThinkPad enthusiasts had grappled with over the years. They have a high charge to density ratio, small, low maintenance, and have a slow age-related degradation. The next time your battery dies and you are looking for a replacement online, batteries made of lithium ion material are well worth the investment.



When you are buying a battery or  Lenovo  adapter  for your laptop, choose a design that is compatible with your computer. A common mistake that many individuals make when buying online is to choose an accessory solely based on price. Why should you buy a cheap Lenovo battery only to realize that you will never it once it arrives at your doorstep? Avoid making this mistake by doing the following: first, you should know the battery or adapter model that is compatible with your laptop. Check the particulars of the one that shipped with your laptop. Note the string of letter and numbers that uniquely identify it and use them as a reference while selecting your replacement accessory. If you cannot identify the details or they are illegible due to degradation, inquire from the customer service personnel at Lenovo's official website. They will help you select a good battery for your laptop.



Look at the capacity of the  Lenovo battery  you are about to buy, before you dig into your pocket. Generally, the capacity of a battery depicts the amount of time it will power a laptop well, before you have to recharge it. If you the battery has a high-capacity, it can power a laptop longer and vice versa. To enjoy a promising experience while using your laptop, it is good practice to buy a battery with the highest capacity. It should have at least six cells, made of tough plastic can withstand heat and constant abuse, and finally, supply the correct voltage.


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