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Things that probably aren’t going to happen…

Posted Jul 12 2010 10:01pm

#5 Buy a dining room table with chairs

This probably isn’t going to happen, since our house set up plan has changed.  We use the living room as our bedroom, and the dining room as the living room (trust me, this set up is genius). We have 2 other bedrooms, one is my infamous Girl Cave slash spare bedroom and the other is my boyfriends office/art studio. When i wrote out the LIST on New Years Eve, we had planned to get rid of my Girl Cave :( and use it as our bedroom.. transforming our living room into a dining room.. THUS, having space for a dining room table and chairs.

What is a Girl Cave you ask?

Well, I’ll tell you.

Its MY Girl Cave.

I do everything in my Girl Cave. Its pretty, with pretty girl things….

I have a mild obsession with white fixtures, viney, porcelain, flowery.

These I found from ikea, they were made for herbs and kitchen stuff… but I thought I could use them for jewelry and girl things.

I actually made these jewelry frames from just picture frames, pretty paper and some small hardware nails. Super easy. Blog post to come, I promise!

This one too, same craft project! (With Jane!)

I went to a gallery opening, Space242 here in Boston. Amanda Clarke was show casing her work, and I just fell in LOVE with it! I bought two pieces! Both hanging in my girl cave (:

…and pretty girl smells, a desk for the make-up’n and bill pay’n.

A spare bed for our guests, or when I wanna take a nap sans animals.

Has a couch, for more guests, or if I want to watch a girl movie on my DVD player (no cable in there).

It’s also my home gym…

and…my giant walk in closet…with another closet inside, where I get dressed every morning so I don’t wake the boyfriend.   It’s where I keep my favorite magazines (Real Simple, Self & INstyle), and reread them over and over again.

(i have many many years of issues, but this is just this years )

It’s where I craft, wrap presents, read books. I utilize this room SO much, my boyfriend finally said “why are we going to take away a room you use every single day for hours, for a dining room that we’ll never use?”

So that was that. I dreaded the day we I was gonna have to give up my Girl Cave, and now I get to keep it (: Its my own little space (it’s not big at all, maybe 10′ x 10′) .

We do have a kitchen table…but with no chairs, we have folding chairs we use on the occasional special dinner we have together to be cutesy.

(Like Valentines Day *swoon*)

In the 4 years we’ve lived together withOUT roommates, I think we’ve only had people over 5 times. So… long live the Girl Cave, I’ll just keep going to my family’s houses for holidays (:

 Next thing not happening:

#13 Have a Yard Sale

It’s almost a little to late in the year to have one….AND with my work schedule, I doubt I’ll ever be allowed to take a weekend off again.

BUT, that won’t stop me from selling the big stuff. I have jewelry I can’t wear and haven’t worn in forever. (Relax Mom & Boyfriend, it’s nothing you’ve given me).  But it MIGHT have something to do with this . (:  Fine jewelry I figure I could take to a jeweler and go from there. As for my clothing, donate or clothes swap, and anything nicer than that, consignment shops… they are EVERYwhere!

Have Old Prom dresses? I sure do… I went to 6 Proms… different dress each time. Sounds spoiled? You betcha. Relax, they were NOTHING priced and outrageous as current prom dresses.  My parents were just happy to see me in a dress and make-up… which only happened 6 times while I was a teenager…you got it, when I went to prom(s). I was a man-girl. Oddly enough, I turned into a REAL girl complete with my own Girl Cave. I feel like Pinocchio… “A REAL LIVE GIRL!”

There are a ton of prom donation centers around. Like the Princess Project  & Belle of the Ball through Antons Cleaners (MASS Local cleaners) & Donate My Dress . It gives a chance for every girl to have their special moments too!

So, besides never having a weekend off for the summer, my stuff is in my current house, and my mother’s house. It would take literally a week, no work, a big ole uhaul and some serious planning to get all my stuff sold. So, I’m going to try to experiment with  craigslist and ebay for anything that I deem necessary.

Soooo… as we begin to wrap up the 7 month stretch of Dezolutions, I am getting much accomplished, and I am proud of myself so far! I’m excited for a cooking class, which I will try to tackle when the weather cools down and I have more time. I don’t want to just breeze through and check things off my list just for the sake of checking them off. I want to be able to enjoy them too! So… sorry #5 & #13….we’ll just have to try again next year! (:

And as for take’n a nap in the Girl Cave SANS animals….

Maybe I’ll try that next year too….. :)

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