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Things that make me smile….at 4 am.

Posted Mar 15 2013 5:59am

Morning coffee

I couldn’t sleep last night.

I actually haven’t been able to sleep well for the past 2 nights which is uncharacteristic of me. When my head hits the pillow at 9:30pm (I think 80 year olds stay up later than me) I am out cold. Except for those lovely nights my eyes pop open at 3am and I’m doing mental gymnastics in my head cause that’s always fun.

Instead of fighting the sleep monster, I gave in today.

Fine brain, if you want to do work at 4am then that’s what we’ll do. But I’m warning you, 3pm this afternoon is gonna be a bitch.

Since I’m trying to be all sunshine and rainbows and sprinkles(!!) at this godforesaken hour I figured I would list out some things that make me smile.

1. Coffee. I’m on cup 2 and I’m convinced it’s liquid gold sent from the gods. I will be on cup 5 by the afternoon and it will be more twitchy than amazing.


2. Feedly . I got the startling news yesterday that my beloved Google Reader was going to be no more on July 1. And just like a bad breakup I got the news via a pop-up warning. Like wtf Google? I thought we had something good going? You’ve supported me through thick and thin, richer and poorer (ok more on the poor side), and bad day or not. But whatevs, I’m like so totally Taylor-SWift style over with you. I found someone new. He name is Feedly and he’s awesome and pretty and more organized than you will ever be. No seriously he really is.

3. Crossfit. I’m starting it tomorrow. Like wha?? I’m so crazy excited and nervous all at once. I feel like it’s my first day at school and I don’t know what to wear. I want to be all cool and show up in a Beastmode Paleo shirt and neon striped knee high socks cause I’m all cool like that. And I’ll be all like, “WOD up bitches?? Let’s do this thang!!” Except I won’t be like that at all and instead I’ll wear my lululemon pants and pink shirt and smile and blush incessantly hoping to God I don’t pass out on my first day.

4. Cheesecake. And not just any cheesecake, peanut butter, chocolate crunch cheesecake. Ok so here’s the deal, I don’t even like cheesecake. I’m more of a brownies and cookies girl. Cake, eh, it’s not really my thing. And cheesecake, eh, I can do without. Except like I totally can’t now. I ate half a slice last night and it was heaven in my mouth. And then this morning, I ate the rest. Who eats cheesecake at 4am?? Help. me.


5. Thrift Shop . So I feel like this song is on the verge of not being cool anymore, but I’m obsessed. I bop around in my car jamming out and singing along thinking I’m all hip (but obviously I’m not cause I just used the word ‘hip’). Fav line: ‘Probably shoulda washed this, smells like R. Kelly’s sheets….pisssss’ Lyrical genius.

Oh and I’m blaring the song now. The neighbors love me.

6. This photo. Odds are this is me on any given Saturday. Wine in hand and making an awesome face. I think I was trying to replicate the Natty Boh one-eyed look . Call up Tyra, cause we got a top model on our hands.

2013-03-09 20.43.23

7. Umm I ran out of stuff for this list. I think I need more coffee. Or replay the Thrift Shop song and dance around in my pjs. Or scavenge for more cheesecake. Cause that’s what all normal people do at 4am on a Friday morning.

You know you want to be my friend.

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