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Things on my floor...

Posted Jan 08 2010 12:52pm
1. Marcus. I sat down on the couch for a bite to eat and this is what I saw staring at me through our glass coffee table.

2. Running gear. First thing I did this morning was dig out some of my cold weather running stuff. Hmm, the leggings might be interesting after so many months of not running, but hey, what's a gal to do?

3. New Kids on the Block Poster. I finally packed away my Christmas trees this morning and I found this delightful piece of pop-culture history in one of the tree boxes. Why am I reluctant to give it away or throw it out?

4. Rice. Day 4. Don't judge.

5. Vacuum. In light of item #4 above, at least the vacuum has made it downstairs now!

In other news I am feeling good today because so far I have posted 4 ads on Craigslist in the past day and a half in my quest to fulfill the "Organization" component of my "goals-shmoals" for 2010. I have already had two pickups of items I am selling or giving away and a third guy coming this afternoon to check out some golf clubs.
Anyhow, should probably quit bragging about my "getting-rid-of-stuff-feelings" get my ass away from this computer and go get rid of some more. Namely, the rice!
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