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Things I learned at spin class…

Posted Apr 09 2010 1:35pm

1.  First and foremost, all you triathletes and cyclists are HARD CORE!

2.  My ‘saddle’ is definitely not tough enough for riding.  She’s one sore butt today!

3.  Although death-hard, spinning was great and I enjoyed it immensely.

4.  Must wear tighter shorts – too-big lulus just don’t work very well when riding a bike for an hour.

5.  Not ‘bouncing’ when riding standing-up is near impossible!

6.  1 or 2 gears lower than what the teacher suggests seems to be a good gear for me!

7.  Despite what I learned in engineering school, apparently whatever goes up does not always come down…it seemed like the “hills” we were riding up never ended!  I found myself anxiously awaiting the downhill portion that just didn’t seem to come often enough!

8.  Must walk carefully down the stairs and across the parking lot after class – my noodle legs almost bit it a couple of times before I got to the car!

So yeah, spinning last night was hard, but it was fun.  Being that I’m not a cyclist by any means, I expected it to be tough.  Luckily the teacher had pretty good music and I realize that I’ve missed that feeling of working out really hard with good loud tunes.  They run this class Tues, Wed and Thurs, so I think I’ll try to attend once a week for awhile and see how it goes.

Now, does anyone have any tips for how to soothe a sore butt?  :o)

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