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Things I have and haven’t done…

Posted Mar 22 2010 9:32pm

Nope, I’m not dead.  I just didn’t realize that a running hiatus would also include a blogging hiatus!  Whoops!  Anyhow, here are a few things I haven’t done lately:

  • Run – any distance, any speed, no running of any sort
  • Posted – as noted above, with no running to report I’ve sorta forgotten to log in and post lately.  Oops.
  • Read – blogs, that is.  I’ve read books (some good ones too, in fact!) but no catching up on blogs.  Hope you guys have all been well!
  • Complained about running – ahh, the beauty of the running hiatus.  In the absence of running I have had few physical, running-related ailments to complain about.  And that feels kind of good.  I think sometimes a break does wonders for your spirit and motivation.

A little contrast is always a good thing, so here are a few things I HAVE done lately:

  • Walked – boy oh boy have I walked.  My new goal is to walk 45 – 60 mins Monday to Friday.  It’s soooo not the same as running, but it’s something at least.
  • Hills – since I just can’t work up a good sweat running, I’ve decided that walking up some good steep hills will do me good.  It’s hard, but it’s been good.  My butt hurts but is thanking me.
  • Feel better – again, the running hiatus has removed a huge source of frustration for now and that feels good.
  • Host a princess tea party – yeah, not at all exercise-related but one heck of a good time.  Fancy dresses, tiaras, sparkly jewelry, iced tea and dainties = princess tea party.  See photos below.

Any self-respecting princess brings out her finest attire for a tea party… DSC01217

And a good princess tea party isn’t complete without goodies – fancy sandwiches and a big plate of Kit Kats!


There’s no explanation for this photo, sorry.


Hope you’ve all been well, both in life and physical pursuits!  Looking forward to catching up on everyone’s blogs…

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