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Things I Do Not Understand

Posted Oct 05 2012 1:05pm

#1. Pumpkin obsessions. First off, I am by no means a pumpkin hater. I just do not understand the sudden obsession with pumpkin that seems to occur every year exactly on September 1st. OMGPUMPKIN!!! What is it about pumpkin that makes people want everything they eat and drink to be pumpkin flavored starting on exactly 9/1? Oh and let’s not forget about pumpkin bath products, pumpkin candles, pumpkin chapstick, pumpkin booze, and is there such a thing as pumpkin perfume? Sure there is .

Ladies, did you know the scent of pumpkin pie is supposed to turn guys on? Seriously, here you go . So get your bake on girls. Have a date? Buy a six pack of pumpkin beer, bake a pumpkin pie, light some pumpkin candles and invite him over. Actually, instead of pie, you should make these paleo pumpkin brownies .

I made them last week and totally devoured them. Really simple too… just raw almond butter, raw honey, pumpkin (I bet they would be out of control with kabocha squash), an egg, baking soda, cinnamon, nutmeg, sea salt, and you must add chocolate chips. You can also make these into regular paleo/primal brownies by subtracting the pumpkin and adding cocoa powder. Amazing. The amazingness of the pumpkin brownies has nothing to do with the ‘flavor’ of the pumpkin. The pumpkin makes makes them moist. Add cream cheese frosting and you’ve got yourself a super moist delicious autumn spice cake.

Do people even know what plain old pumpkin even tastes like? Does it even actually have some irresistible aroma or flavor on its own? ‘Pumpkin’ is ubiquitous with fall and I think what people really want is the ‘taste of fall’ not necessarily pumpkin itself. Could you imagine just eating straight up pumpkin from a can? Regardless, anything with the word ‘pumpkin’ is sure to fly off shelves, even if there isn’t really any pumpkin in the ingredient list.

It drives me nuts because if it’s so damn good then why not eat it all year long? Sure it is seasonal, but you can buy canned pumpkin anytime. You would think that gauging from the sheer craziness of the pumpkin obsessions that occur 9/1 that pumpkin would be flying off shelves ALL year, right? I get that because it’s in season now it seems just right and more fun to eat. But how many of you are actually taking the time to roast pumpkins all fall to make into the same stuff you can buy canned (the difference is SO negligible.) Plus guys, come on… it cannot hold a candle to the sheer deliciousness of kabocha squash. So there.

#2: Ordering a meal solely based on the amount of food you get for the price regardless of quality. What the what? I do not understand this. Wouldn’t you rather be good to yourself and enjoy better food instead of gorging yourself on crap which can potentially have negative effects on your body? We only have one body people. Can’t you enjoy just one, high quality burger? Do you really need more than that!?

#3 When someone calls you tell you something and after they have told you what you need to know, they proceed to tell you the same thing again and again in slightly different ways because I definitely didn’t get it the first time.

#4 When someone calls and immediately jumps into a conversation/complaint without an introduction so that 30 seconds into the ‘conversation’ I still have no idea who they are. Wait, can you please tell me who you are? Let’s start there. Actually let’s start with a ‘hello’?

That’s all I don’t understand. For now.

Family hike in the Berkshires for MS with the MIT Lincoln Lab team!

4AM wake-up call. Ehhh

Oh Dad haha

Sam after the Harwich Cranberry Harvest Half Marathon ! She PR’d! 1:58! We were all so proud of her :D

Post-run Bacon cheeseburger.

Post-spectating wine for me. post-spectating club soda for Dyan.

Birthday and new job dinner for Dad at Margaritas. Yay fajitas!

More normal stuff:


I’m still running every day, duh. B.A.A Half Marathon this Sunday!
I’m treating myself to these today for the race!

New Balance 870V2
SO EXCITED!!! I have been dying to get into a lighter weight stability shoe. This is going to make my whole weekend. It’s the little things in life, right?


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