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Things I didn’t share Friday (8/30)

Posted Aug 31 2013 10:07pm
Home Entertainment Things I didn’t share Friday (8/30)

3 comments Aug 30/13 Entertainment, Things I didn't share Friday, Whole Foods

Things I Didn't Share Friday 8-30


1. I ate in restaurants quite a lot this week.  I had lunch at Bad Daddy’s (again!) with MT on Wednesday, lunch with Brittney at Qdoba on Thursday, and ate at IHOP (twice)- once with my dad and this morning with my friend Jenny.  I guess it is about time for some green smoothies and meals at home.

2. Bath & Body Works had their 2 for $22 promotion going on their 3-wick candles, so I hauled my booty to the store on Sunday afternoon to stock up on all of the fall scents.  I’m actually almost completely done with my Apple Ale scented candle already. I know that I keep saying it, but I am SO ready for autumn!

3. I just might have the world’s messiest eater on my hands.  Cleaning the high chair after Michael eats has become my most dreaded chore.  You wouldn’t believe some of the places that I find food after he eats.  Just yesterday, I changed his diaper and found a sweet pea inside.  How does that even happen?

4. I picked up some Pico de Gallo at Whole Foods last weekend, and I am so sad that the tub is finished.  I’m pretty sure this is my latest and greatest food obsession.

5. One of my very best friends posted some Saved by the Bell trivia to my Facebook wall this week.  I always considered myself to be a Saved by the Bell expert, but there were actually some pieces of trivia that even I didn’t know.  For instance, did you know that Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Lark Voorhies dated for three years while the show was running?  Good thing I didn’t know that as a kid.  I would have been devastated that Zack Morris was off the market!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love those candles from Bath and Body Works and always have one burning somewhere in my home.

    I also love Saved by the Bell, but I never knew that bit of trivia either!

    I would have been ok with it though because it was only New Kids on the Block that weren’t allowed to date in my head as a kid hahaha.

    Have a great weekend!



  2. OMG – your little man is such an animal in his high chair and a great eater to boot!!! My one nephew was like that and I would literally strip him for meal time and there were a surprise or two in his diaper every once in a while. Happy Friday – Happy Weekend:)

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