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Things I didn’t share Friday (11/15)

Posted Nov 15 2013 10:08pm
Home Pregnancy Things I didn’t share Friday (11/15)

3 comments Nov 15/13 Pregnancy, Things I didn't share Friday

Things I didn't share Friday 11-15


1. Michael absolutely loves wearing a hood.  I’ll put it up for him in the morning, and he leaves it on all day long…even through naps.  MT actually pulled it off of his head the other day, and Michael pulled it right back up.  I think it makes him feel cool. ;)

2. MT and I really enjoyed the original Monsters, Inc. movie, so we were excited to watch Monsters University on Sunday. If you like Pixar movies, you should definitely watch it.  MT thought that it was even better than the first movie, but the first one still holds a special place in my heart.  Regardless, the latest one is definitely worth watching!

3. Now on to something that just has not been worth watching lately- Mike & Molly.  I’ve been such a fan of the show since the beginning, but what the heck are they doing with Molly’s character this season?  They’ve turned her into such a crazy lady!  I’m not ready to delete it from my DVR list just yet, but I really hope that this season gets better.  It’s always such a bummer to see the shows that I love go downhill.

4. As you know, MT and I chose a name for our baby girl over the weekend.  Admittedly, I was the hold up on that for awhile.  You see, I plan to order a name banner for her nursery, and I just couldn’t see myself ordering a banner with any of the potential names on our list.  As soon as MT suggested the name we selected, I knew that it was banner worthy.  Yes, I’m a ridiculous pregnant lady.

(FYI- The name on the banner isn’t the one we’re going with, but it was actually a contender!)

5. Is anyone else completely obsessed with Bath & Body Works?  I want 100 of every single candle and Wallflower plug-in that they make.  It’s a total addiction.  The latest candles that I purchased are the Cranberry Pear Bellini, Winter (my all-time favorite B&BW scent), and Fresh Balsam (which is pretty much a Christmas tree in a jar).

Have a great weekend


  1. yesss to b&bw. this is the best season for candles!

  2. That name banner is cute and can grow with a baby to a child too:) Your wee dude has the best SMILE!!! Happy Weekend:)

  3. I love Bath & Body Works Candles and I loved Monsters University! Tell MT I think it’s better than the original too :) Have a great weekend!

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