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Things I Am Looking Forward To

Posted Dec 27 2011 8:09pm

Now the Christmas is over, things can seem a bit dull so I decided to make a list (surprising, I know) of things I am looking forward to within the next month. Positive, positive, positive!

1. New Years Eve

I am looking forward to having a great New Years Eve with some friends and I am always excited to get dressed up. It won’t be like black tie or anything but it is definitely fun to put on a festive NYE dress and go out.

My dress! I'm obsessed with Free People.

2. Getting back into Bikram yoga

After abruptly quitting Bikram about 4 months ago, I went back yesterday and I was reminded of how much I love it. Yes, being in a 105 degree room is terrible but about 30 minutes after the class you feel awesome. Although I would much rather be out running, Bikram is going to be a nice replacement until my knee is better.

3. Vermont

I am heading up to Vermont with my family for 4 days next week and I am looking forward to reading books all day and playing in the snow, if there is any. I didn’t take any time of from work before Christmas or this week so having a few days off next week will be wonderful. I think I may even try to go snowshoeing, I hear it’s a great workout!

4. The Rose Bowl

No, I am not going to the Rose Bowl, even though it would be awesome if I was. I will be watching the game from Stowe, VT and sitting on the edge of my seat the entire time. It is time for a win at the Rose Bowl for the Badgers. PS, Bucky rules.

Hey guys!

5. Running again (maybe)

I cannot wait to be able to put my sneakers on again and go out for a run. When that will be, I do not know but hopefully it is sometime soon! Hyannis awaits!

6.  Using my Lululemon gift card

I am so indecisive that yesterday I spent about an hour going back and forth on the Lululemon website trying to decide what I want. I love the “we made too much” section since everything is sale priced but because of my indecisiveness, most of the stuff I wanted has since sold out. I need to be more reactionary and impulsive sometimes, but that will never happen.

7. C-A-N-C-U-N

Get used to me posting about how excited I am about going to Mexico at the end of January. This will be my very first “real” (a warm place) vacation that does not include 5 hours of swimming a day. In college we went to Hawaii every year for 3 weeks on a training trip and although I am not complaining about being able to train outside in 80 degree weather rather than in sub-zero temperatures in Wisconsin, it was death and I do not consider it a real vacation.

8. Taking some awesome photos with my new camera.

I plan on using my camera a lot both in Vermont and in Cancun. I can’t wait to start experimenting with all the stuff I learned in the Chimpsy photo class I took a month ago. I am starting to really love and appreciate photography so naturally I am psyched to try it out for myself.

9. Going to a wine and cheese tasting

I signed up for a wine and cheese tasting/class through the Boston Center for Adult Education and it was only $12! The BCAE is running deals in January on some of their classes so I jumped on this one for my boyfriend and myself. It is only a half hour long and I am always eager to find out more about wine and especially cheese (I have a slight addiction).

10. Trying some recipes out of my new, and very first cookbook

I received Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Everyday cookbook from my boyfriend’s mom for Christmas and everything in there looks amazing and fun. I believe everything in there, or at least mostly everything is vegetarian. There are even some yummy drink recipes in the book as well!

What are some things you are looking forward to post-Christmas? Any big plans for vacations (warm or cold)? Talk to me!

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