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Things Aren’t Always What They Seem…

Posted Nov 07 2010 6:39am

Looks like creamy, delicious, oh-so-good pb, right? WRONG! I thought I would give peanut flour another try to see if my taste buds could adjust to it…..but no. I am sticking with real peanut butter people…..i am sorry but peanut flour tastes like dirt. Yes, I said it. Sorry to all you peanut flour lovers out there but I just can’t get used to it’s bitterness. Give me the real thang any day! :)

This snack wasn’t a complete failure though, thanks to the addition of the Musselman’s apple butter I was just sent. Apple and PB is always a go to combo even if the peanut flavor is lacking. The apple butter was perfectly smooth and not gritty at all like some other fruit butters I have had were. Very sweet with an applesauce like flavor. A perfect accompaniment to a not so perfect nut butter. :)


I love the color pink….so you can guess how over joyed I was to eat PINK food this weekend!

I’m talking about…..BEETS! I love beets almost as much as I love pink. The first time I tried beets, they were pickled and I absolutely hated them. But  then a few years later I tried them fresh, roasted with olive oil and balsamic vinegar….and fell in love! And besides, who doesn’t love food that’s pink (naturally pink and not because of red dye number 4 …lol)! I made a lentil salad with addition of beets and they turned the whole thing pink.

This salad featured such a cool ingredient.


The folks’s over at Sailor’s Swagger sent me a bottle of there spicaaay Pineapple Hot Sauce.

And boy does this stuff have some kick! It is most definitely HOT sauce. Only a few drops were enough to flavor the salad and add some heat.

When you first taste the sauce the heat comes through but after it subsides, the pineapple flavor really come through! Delish.

Sailor’s Swagger is now available in my store ….for a really good price… go try it for your self! It won’t disappoint!

leftovers mixed up into an awesome salad

Very yummy.

Some other wonderful eats from the week:

voskos vanills bean yogurt with tons of crunchies

fruit juice sweetened corn much better than the HFCS ones

YoGreek, the newest addition to the voskos family

As you all know, I love Voskos yogurt to begin with but with addition of granola….it’s even better! Not to mention I love the cute packaging.

You can just dump the granola right into yogurt! Greek yogurt and crunchy/chewy granola (with almonds!)=heaven. The new YoGreek variety come in Bluberry, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Honey.

toasty, egg puff, and some trees

fruit juice sweetened vanilla yogurt! such a pronounced vanilla flavor.....I could not believe these were only sweetened with fruit! I have also tried the raspberry and marion berry flavors of this Cascade Fresh yogurt and was equally impressed with those. The fruit at the bottom is really fresh tasting which is always a good thing.

punkin' pie oats

Lundberg (makers of some awesome whole grains!)

I mentioned they sent me four boxes of their brown rice couscous……and I have been loving this stuff!  I always thought couscous was a little bland, but the nuttiness and flavor that comes from the couscous being made from brown rice is great!  I have enjoyed every flavor so far and they all have such great ingredients that they are hard not to love. The Savory Herb had tons of different flavors melded together to make one really tasty dish. In the Mediterranean Curry, the curry flavor was really strong and the scent that filled the air while it was cooking was amazing. We used the Plain Original variety as a base for a gumbo dish we made and it provided the perfect crunch and chew for the hot n’ hearty gumbo. My favorite however, was the Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil (pictured above)……so buttery and smooth. The flavor truly was roasted and the couscous was so yummy. Tasted like a gourmet restaurant dish. :)

I can whole heartedly say I will never be going back to regular couscous….it’s just so bland.

Thanks Lundberg !


And before I go, let me announce the winner of the Voskos coupon giveaway! Congratulations to………


Megan G.!!!!

Email me ( your shipping information and I will get your winnings out to ya!


Time to do some major homework…..there goes my day :(


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