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Things are looking up….

Posted Dec 22 2011 9:20pm

It’s truth time everyone. Time to spill the beans!

Truth is…

It’s Christmas Eve Eve…what the what!?! Did this year go b fast or what!? Soon I’ll have to be writing a recap post of 2011…seriously though, where did the time go?

Truth is…

I may have made the BEST batch of Sweet Potato Lentil chili EVER today! I used every veggie and spice on Earth and the result was pure amazingness! I cannot wait for everyone to try it tomorrow night for our Christmas Eve celebration.


Truth is…

Going to the gym depends solely on what new magazine I have. No new magazine…no gym for me. Smile Thankfully my stash was replenished today!


Truth is…

My shin is FINALLY starting to feel like its actually healing! THANK GOD! I am planning on trying my first run outside tomorrow just to test the waters.

Truth is…

I am SO scared to run outside again. For some reason I have all this anxiety and apprehension about doing it. I think its because I feel like I’ve lost so much endurance and strength, so I’m afraid of how hard its gonna be to start over. But hey, I’ll never know unless I take that first step out the door.<- remind me to tell myself that before I head out tomorrow (or rather, to get me to head out!!)

Truth is…

I am rolling in cracker heaven!



Truth is…

I have gotten a picture with Santa every year of my life. It’s a tradition and the one thing my dad looks forward to every year at Christmas. It means so much to him!


I went through the believing in Santa phase when I would ask to go get a picture, the awkward tween stage when I was SO embarrassed to be waiting in line for a picture Santa after my dad’s begging and pleading, and now to the best phase of all…the one where I feel its fun to act like a kid sometimes, preserve family memories, and that a picture with a creepy old dude is totally worth the smile it brings to my dad’s face!

Truth is…

I didn’t escape the mall after the picture today without being drawn in by the deals and steals. Everything was 40% off though…so the wallet was crying to much.


[yoga pants!]


[the softest sweater EVER!]


[crew socks for Ugg wearing!]

Truth is…

I had a full family dinner tonight…my mom, my dad, my sister, and I all together! It was pure bliss.

Truth is…

I struggled a bit this morning with some nasty comments made online about me…but with the help and kind words of a few Twitter friends (love y’all) I was reminded that those people behind the computer screen really can’t hurt me.

Truth is…

Things are looking up. It’s the holidays. My family is together. All feels right in the world for once in a long time.

Any truths you’d like to share?


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