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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…

Posted Aug 03 2010 9:30am

Can you believe it is already August? Seriously? This year is flying by! I can’t believe summer is almost over :( Sine the summer is coming to an end, I thought I would share a few of my favorite things from this summer.

Running (Has to be #1 ;) )


I have learned a lot about running this summer. It has always been something I loved to do and it usually comes easily, but this summer has honestly been of the toughest running experiences of my life. I took two classes, worked full time, and I was running quite a bit at the same time. Juggling all of that while still hanging out with my friends a few nights a week was quite overwhelming, but I stuck with it and everything worked out great. I made an A and a B in my classes, made a ton of money, and I am on the way to peak fitness.



This summer, my passion for cooking has increased quite a bit. I’ve experimented with new flavors and cuisines, cooked things I never thought I would, and I’ve eaten a boatload of great meals. I’ve always loved preparing my own meals, but I never really considered it "cooking". Lately, I have been making a lot more things from scratch instead of relying on their store bought counterparts. For example, I have been making my own veggie burgers , hummus , and pizza dough , instead of buying them at the store. I have also been making my own pancakes instead of relying on a boxed mix. This is what I consider real "cooking".

What do you consider cooking?



Since I didn’t go home this summer, I think my relationship with my family has increased about 10 fold. I am used to being home for the summer and hanging out, but it was a lot different this year because I had to take some classes to graduate on time. The first time I was home all year was actually in July! I think that is a record. So how were they a huge part of my summer? Well, I probably talked to my mom and dad almost every day this summer. They knew that I had a lot on my plate (pun intended) and they were there for support whenever I needed it. That was really important to me and it honestly really helped boost my confidence.

Now for a few fun things!

Burgers (That should be a given!)


Mmmm grass fed beef… I just discovered this deliciousness this summer and I am hooked!

Macbook Pro

Macbook pro

Seriously… Where has this thing been my whole life? I am so glad I finally broke down and bought one! So far, there is only one negative thing about it. The blogging software for Mac’s SUCK. Ecto is seriously horrible. If anyone knows of a decent blogging software, please let me know!

Evo 4G


Another technology milestone this summer was buying a new phone. Now I can tweet from anywhere ;)



And finally… Blogging! I have made so many new friends and discovered so many new blogs this summer. You guys are seriously awesome! Whenever I need a boost of confidence or something to laugh about, there is always a comment to help me out. Thank you guys so much1

It’s been a wild ride this summer, but it has been AWESOME!

What was your all time favorite thing this summer?

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