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There's NO Chocolate in this house!

Posted May 29 2013 9:06pm
This post is from the week after my DNF . I forgot to share it. Typical. 

Enjoy my craziness...................

I'm putting myself on exercise timeout. So, naturally, I have more time to consume my favorite food group... Chocolate. 

First, more about this timeout. Some people are born tough, others just wish they were. My ego will tell you it's one of my many innate gifts, toughness. Unfortunately, my bullshit meter is always in working order. damn thing never breaks down. And it's SCREAMING bullshit. 

Yes, I'm a born sissylala. Sure, I participate in tough things... skydiving, rock climbing, marathoning, etc. BUT, trust me, fear is present. I've learned to turn it off... fear. But, it's self-sufficient and over the years it's learned how to turn back on. 

What does all this have to do with my timeout? So glad you asked. Last weekend was hard for me. I DNF'd. I felt like a cloak had been ripped off me and there I stood, a naked crybaby wimp. Only I wasn't naked, thank you God. 

I can get over that. I have things to blame the DNF on.

What I can't get over is this injury that sprung up after my DNF on Saturday. It's a calf thing OR it's a shin thing. Doctors scare me so no chance I'm going... I'll just rest, get mom to kiss my boo boo, and it will be all better in a week. It has till Monday, or else. 

So, exercise timeout. 

Which means I need chocolate. duh. And there's NO chocolate in this house. I'm crabbypatty central right now. 

......... calf is better, FYI. My week timeout turned into four weeks. I needed every day of that rest. But then the 13.1 happened. Sometimes, and this is one of those times, I question my sanity. From a responsible rester to a stupid sprinter. Good thing I'm still learning... if I was done, I'd be dead.
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