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There is nothing better than this: kids singing I will rule the world

Posted Aug 17 2009 10:49pm

If you're reading this on Facebook, click here to watch kids singing I will rule the world!

Chris Martin move over - we want to hear the kids sing Viva La Vida! I have watched this music video several times and so inspired by the boldness and passion these kids have. There's so many lessons we can learn from kids - and not being afraid to let it go and shout out from the rooftops is one of them!

On a side note: This video should inspire us to take action, the people with the power, and do what we can to protect art and music education for our children. With serious budget cuts to liberal art classes, we can no longer depend on the government at the federal or local level to protect art and music education. It will be up to us, the people with the power, to make it happen! How?

Check out this DIY approach to helping parents with no art skills but a whole lotta passion to help teach elementary art. The program earned Duniway an Oregon Creative Ticket Schools award last year from the Oregon Alliance for Art Education and the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education.

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