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Theme Song Thursday: Sippin’ on Gin and Juice and 100 Posts!

Posted Jul 28 2011 5:38pm

What up yo! Welcome to another edition of Theme Song Thursday , where I share a song that represents my day. Because in the end, if every person should have a theme song , why not have a theme song for every day?

Well, today’s theme song is a bit different from my normal choices. ..

Today’s song is none other than “Gin & Juice” by a legend from the days of old school rap, Snoop D-O-Double G. What? You didn’t realize this Sometimes Healthy Girl was a closet rap fan? With lyrics that make such bold statements like “Two in the morning and the party’s still jumpin’ cause my momma ‘aint home,” how could one not be moved by this song? Indeed, me and my homies will be rollin’ down the streets of O-Town “blastin’ the AC and sippin’ on iced coffee” on our way to a Snoop Dogg concert tonight. We all have posters of Snoop in our apartments/houses and have been following his career since day 1. Thus, we’re super excited.

Cupcakes and frosting - this crew is crazy, yo!

Did you believe me for a second? In reality, none of are huge fans of Mr. Snoop, but we like his music enough and decided since he’s in town while this Sometimes Healthy Girl is in town, we might as well hit up his concert. We’re looking at it as a bonding experience…

Sometimes Healthy Girl Hearts Rap Music

Believe it or not, I actually am quite a fan of rap music. I like any song that motivates me to suck it up and run another mile. If you check out my National Marathon Playlist , you’ll see a lot of rap, including Eminem, Kanye West, Jay Z, P Diddy, Notrious B.I.G. and Nas. However, when it comes to rap, only the really hardcore powerhouse songs work for me.

I need the hardcore 8 mile stuff!

As much as I love the D-O-Double G, a song whose lyrics center around “rollin down the street smokin’ endo and sippin on gin and juice” generally will not help me push it to the limit. However, I have heard that Snoop puts on a good concert, and I’m more so just looking forward to the chance to spend quality times with my good friends, Jamie and Emily. We always have a great time together, and I think the addition of a few adult beverages and Snoop Dogg will only increase the fun. I’ll be sure to recap on the blog when I get a chance, but I’ve already got so much to share with you….

Like yesterday’s spaghetti squash dinner

That my friends, is the picture of excitement as Emily tastes her very first Spag Squash casserole

And making decorations for our upcoming high school reunion

Wait until you see the finished product! My job was to watch Becca's son, Brody, because I am useless at decorating...

Look for those highlights in another post – I just don’t think they gel well with a post about a rapper who is always surrounded by a cloud of smoke….

100 Posts – Look Who Didn’t Quit!

I started this blog at the end of March and haven’t really kept track of the amount of posts, but yesterday, wordpress told me I had 99…which means…today is my 100th post! Woo-hoo, cheers to Sometimes Healthy Girl still going strong. The best is yet to come, my friends. You can expect many more Wacky Food combo s, ramblings about me  binging on pretzels and cream cheese and inhaling Reddi Whip by the can , cupcake matchmaking and of course tales of Sometimes Healthy adventures in NYC .

Let's all celebrate with a brewsky (or cupcake for those who don't drink)

Thanks to all of you who keep coming back and make me feel like I’m actually talking to someone, instead of myself…which would be fine as well….but it’s just cooler when I’m talking to you.

And finally, the song that inspired this whole post…”Gin & Juice.” (Warning – it’s explicit. Sometimes Healthy is generally PG, but just this once, for Snoop, I’ll let it slide)

I gots to go get ready to get a little “buck wild” tonight because it’s going to be off the chains… (this lingo just isn’t the Sometimes Healthy “voice” but I need to prepare for the concert!).

Catch ya tomorrow!


What was the best concert you ever went to?

Any concerts you’ve ever been to that you expected to be bad but turned out to be awesome?

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