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The young why menopause, beware of pituitary prolactin-secreting tumors

Posted May 07 2013 7:05am
  A 21-year-old female college student, 13-year-old open its population to menstruation, after five years of normal menstruation, menstrual cycle interval extension, and finally menopause, and the front of the head pain. She did not use contraceptives, and there is no sex, cheap christian louboutin outlet  urine pregnancy test was negative. After a medical examination, her nipple on both sides can express milk, serum prolactin levels, but normal levels of other pituitary hormones. red bottom shoes on sale  The final diagnosis of hyperprolactinemia.
  Pituitary prolactin tumors secrete large amounts of prolactin, which in turn inhibits pituitary gonadotropin secretion of luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone. Cause menopausal gonadotropin levels decreased, not mature follicle and ovulation. christian louboutin pumps online  Prolactin stimulates the secretion of breast milk so often associated with galactorrhea. Prolactinoma is the most common functional pituitary tumors, more women than men. Tumor size and prolactin levels. The tumor is large enough to stretch pituitary near the dura, can cause headaches. cheap louboutin shoes  Large tumor extended to the top of the pituitary oppression optic chiasm can cause visual impairment.
  Treatment available to inhibit prolactin secretion of the drug dopamine agonists (such as bromocriptine) treatment to reduce the production of prolactin, the pituitary tumor shrinkage, and therefore are able to remove the oppression of the tumor on the optic chiasm, the visual recovery. If the tumor is too large or drug treatment is still required can not be reduced tumor radiation therapy or surgery to remove the tumor tissue. christian louboutin outlet online  In order to monitor tumor recurrence, to be measured once every six months, plasma prolactin levels.
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