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The young and beautiful â??Placentaâ??

Posted Jan 07 2010 12:52am

Is “young”、 and ”beauty” relate to “sheep” ? InMontreux, before it become famous and enchanting except tourism, the only thing that sheep relate to “beauty” is the soft and warmcashmere sweater and lanoline oil which protect skin from chapping. But with all kinds of placenta products present to the public and different kinds of reports about public figures、 prominent officials and eminent personages , Hong Kong and Tai Wan stars who would like to spend a lot of money in injecting placenta, people begin to concern the relationship of the two points.

The theory of similarity: the cell tissue structure of placenta is similar to the cell of human body, that is to say, until now it has not discover other tissue that is be more closely to human body、 easier to absorb 、 nutrient and the rich living matter than the sheep embryo.

The theory of intimate relationship: whether inject the placenta or oral placenta, in the final analysis, it is to absorb “the outside help”, for the foreign matter, the human body instinctively produce the rejection, while some serious rejection even may harm the health of human body. But the living cell of the sheep embryo fall in love with the cell of human body, it does not exist the situation “fall out and become enemy”, most of people who need all can try.

The theory of relativity: this is very important factor, the placenta resources is relatively rich, at the same time, the sheep is cloven-hoofed animal, it is not relatively easy to contain viruses, and provide the important guarantee for the purity of the raw material.

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