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Posted Apr 01 2011 10:38pm

DSC08224 I didn’t have anything planned today for April Fool’s. I’m terrible at pulling pranks. But today, I was playing outside with my little man & for once had my hair down (rather than up in a pony like ALWAYS). At one point during our playing, I looked at my reflection in the window & HAD to take a picture & send it to my man.0401111420a

We had been talking about me getting my hair cut, but I just haven’t done I sent this picture to him & didn’t say anything about cutting it, just said he should come home & enjoy the sunshine with us.

He TOTALLY believed my picture. He asked where I went to get it cut & everything. BOO-YAH!! APRIL FOOLS SUCKER!!


Oh, and in the end I DID get my hair cut. My man came home from work & watched the little man while I went & got it chopped. But sad story folks...I’m not so happy with it. 0401111811b I always have a vision of what I want, but my hair is so fine that it just never works out. UGH. But hair is hair, it will grow back sooner or later. Maybe tomorrow it will look better. For now I will just have to play with it & figure something out, or just wear a hat all the time. DSC08252

And for dinner...we had boring ol’ spaghetti on the menu. I’m not a huge fan of spaghetti, but it’s easy & edible! But, to spice it up & make it a little more “April Fools-y” I threw in some fun. These were our utensils to pick from!!


And this is how it went over

DSC08248 My man opted for a measuring spoon & a rice server (I don’t know what it’s really called, that what we use it for)    DSC08242 I went with the tongs & baby spoon. DSC08244 And don’t for get our “cups”. My man used a cereal bowl & I opted for the sippy cup...and when they say SIPPY, they mean it! It is SOOO hard to get anything out of those, no matter how hard you suck all you get is little sips at a time.

DSC08249 DSC08251

  Happy April Fools Day!!!


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