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The Un-Yoga Teacher

Posted Nov 28 2012 10:08pm
11/27/12 Sweaty Results:
Run: Hills happened. Actually, one 375 meter hill happened six times in a row. I died at least four times. Next week I'm going to take one minute off my time (27 minutes yesterday, 26 minutes next week). 

Can you give me a hand? I need to step up onto my soapbox. Thanks.

I've had this feeling that's been quite a bother for the past few months. I haven't mentioned it yet because I've not fully understood it till today. And here it is, in all its glory...

I'm not the Yoga Teacher I once dreamed I'd become. That wispy-voiced, inspirational speaker with a soothing presence and magical touch. Instead...

I'm loud. 
I'm random.
I'm silly.
I'm tough.
I'm intense,
and I'm simply me. 

There, ugh, I said it. Career suicide? Let's hope not. Any bets on whether or not I can write my way out of this one??

It took me years to agree to step onto a yoga mat because of two reasons, 1. I don't like to be quiet and 2. I hate stretching. Now I realize how idiotic that sounds; good thing I've never claimed to be the sharpest knife in the drawer.

But, if you take a class from me you'll see these two ideas still permeate my idiotic teachings. I'm not quiet, I don't expect my students to be, AND I hate stretching. Hate it! I do it, but I hate it! Still. After years of practice. Yup, I'm not perfect. Call the Yoga Police!  

So, orangeYOGA is different. It's loud, it's funny, it's movement, it's yoga, it's personal training, it's for you by me. 

It's magical to watch someone grow in movement. And nothing makes this un-Yoga Teacher happier than to have a class full of students laughing and joking and playing mid-practice. 

This, my dear friends, is my truth. This is my definition of being an un-Yoga Teacher. 

Some say this isn't yoga. 

I say, it's the epitome of yoga. This is life in sync; what more do you want? 

So, no longer am I pretending to be something I'm not. I'll still refer to myself as a Yoga Teacher to most since explaining this gobbledygook would simply take too long. But, now you know... I promise you I will strive to be the very best un-Yoga Teacher I can be. I will:

Be motivational.
Be goofy.
Be spunky.
Be there for you.
Be fearless.
Be aware of your needs and help you play with your limits.
Be more excited than you are when you move a half a millimeter in a pose.
Be the same teacher you've always known and sometimes even loved.
Be so damn proud of you for achieving your goals, whatever they may be. 

Now drop and give me twenty Down Dogs! 

Today's Sweaty Sesh:
Run: 3 miles
Strength: 20 Burpees, Deltoid Raises, Squats, Lunges, Jumping Jacks x3

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