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The Ultimate Healing Tool

Posted Dec 10 2009 11:30am
Love - The Ultimate Healing Tool

Love - The Ultimate Healing Tool

I know I’ve talked about love before, but it’s time to bring it up yet again!  As we are smack in the middle of the holiday season, it’s the perfect moment to remember that love is everything.   No, I’m not kidding!  Want to feel completely healthy?  Love is the answer.  Want to lose weight?  Love is the answer.  Want to succeed in your career?  Love is the answer.

I know it sounds simple, but most of my clients struggle with it for that very reason.  Our minds want to plan, think, analyze, do, judge, criticize, worry, and much more.  It’s easy to forget that re-entering the feeling state of love will flood your body with relaxation and ease, bring healing energy into your entire being, and pull you out of stressful thinking, allowing you to feel centered and peaceful.  You’ll always discover your own wisdom when you bring loving energy into your self.

Loving energy also helps transmute stressful emotional states like fear, anxiety, and panic.  Focusing on love is not something that occurs to us, usually, while feeling fear.  Yet, it’s an amazing way to be with the emotion, not suppress it, and yet allow it to be released from our body and mind.  Since emotional suppression is the number one reason that our bodies have pain, this approach can really help.  You just need to employ the power of love repeatedly, throughout the day, every day.

I used to think that feeling love meant feeling a huge wave of emotion.  As a result, it sounded really hard to feel love throughout the day.  Now I understand that love has many different volumes – it can be quiet and calm, loud and vibrant, or somewhere in the middle.  All I have to do is intend to feel love, and a quiet love quickly enters my heart.  I find it immensely helpful to imagine it in my heart as a physical energy, which might feel like warmth, light, or expansion.

What does love feel like in your heart? Play with it today – intend to feel it, and see if you can feel that quiet love.  The more you do it, the easier it will be.  Please don’t overlook the power of this process!  I can’t emphasize it enough.  Give it a try, keep practicing it, and experiment – there’s literally nothing to lose and much to gain.  During this holiday season, why not come back to the deeper meaning of the holidays and celebrate love?  What can you think today to feel loving toward yourself?  What can you do today to feel loved by yourself?

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