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The Ultimate Detox Plan .

Posted Jul 01 2012 12:00am
Is the Flush working fine?
Shifted recently into a new house and in the resulting chaos Blogging has been on a backburner. Moving into a new house always brings forth basic issues of Plumbing ,piping and non-functional flushes forth. And we are so obsessive about having these things in our house functioning optimally .Aren't we ?
 So when my eyes fall on the n'th "summer (or fill in the season of the moment) Detox Plan"  I start thinking can we be so innocent that we ignore the choked pipes and broken down flushes and think that investing in a really strong germicide or cleanser will set the things right ? 
Well looking at how popular Detox Diets are , it does seem so.
Which brings me to the Liver - the Flush in our body -the inbuilt system the body has to get rid of all toxins .Ayurveda says : All disease begins in the stomach and all Health begins in the Liver. And no statement more Profound was ever uttered.In the days reading books was popular I used to have a Readers Digest Illustrated Book on the Human Body .Here is what it says about the Liver:
"There is a reason that the liver is the largest organ in the body, containing over 300 billion cells. That reason is that the liver has an huge task to do — which is to be the master purifier of the internal body and the master chemical synthesizer for the immune and digestive systems, making whatever chemicals are needed to digest food and neutralize toxins." The liver does all the following impressive things:
Clears the blood of toxins Creates bile for digesting food Creates enzymes to digest food Creates water soluble proteins Creates blood clotting factors Creates and regulates cholesterol
  • Stores and retrieves nutrients for future use
  • And how do we ensure that this Flush stays working fine and trouble free ? For that is the "Ultimate Detox Plan " we never knew of !!
    The detoxifying capacity of the Liver depends on :
    The amount of Garbage (toxins ) to be cleared.
    The  power (detoxifying capacity) of the liver.
    It follows that if you reduce the garbage in your diet ( alcohol,nicotine ,o-ding on caffiene and cola and the obvious chemical crap in most processed food ) you reduce the toxin load.If you take up eating organic ,Real foods you do your liver a big favour. Omitting plastic containers ,bottles and hormone loaded milk products does the same.If you ditch trash vegetable oils and transfats and eat honest old butter and ghee and cold pressed oils you give your bile enzymes a high five.
    But how can you make your liver strong ? The simplest thing is : give it a rest.Yes : from eating .Liver when constantly taxed with digestion and enzyme synthesis and nutrient storage functions starts seeing flushing out stuff as an additional (low priority) job . Immediate job is to take charge of receiving ,sorting and storing all the stuff that you are eating into the Adipose Godowns.That is a huuuge and constant job .
    So having a fast a week gives rest to the liver and intensifies its Detoxifying capacity.Of course having all the herbs and potions that Ayurveda cites is also good but it is secondary : after you get rid of the garbage and realize that the Liver also needs some Rest to Detoxify  optimally .
    Other things that you can do on a daily basis are :
  • Drink lots of water :  Flushes need hydration.
  • Eat early dinners and sleep regularly : its again the resting the machine thing
  • Exercise regularly. Sweating also gets rid of Toxins and helps the liver along.
  • When toxins are not disposed of by the liver they do damage to molecules, cells, tissues and organs throughout the body. Many common symptoms such as headaches, mental confusion, muscle pain, fatigue, poor coordination, nerve problems, skin irritations can be the result of a liver that is not disposing of toxins fast enough.
    So just having herbal potions ; liverwort ,aloevera , lauki juice : whatever - (germicides and cleansers ) should be the last line of action . Comes when you have ensured that the plumbing is in fine fettle . Nothing Fancy about this Detox Plan .First things first : that's all .Sorry for putting a spanner in your weekend Detox at the local Spa :) .
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