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The truth about cellulite reduction remedies and treatments – which ones actually work?

Posted Jan 12 2013 4:32pm

Is there a way to achieve successful cellulite reduction without cosmetic surgery?  Becoming affected with  this unattractive orange peel skin condition is a matter of: genes, hormones, weight change and age, or as in most cases, a combination of them all.

Caused by a collagen breakdown in the dermis layer of the skin, cellulite usually appears on the stomach, buttocks, thighs and arms. Unfortunately, there is no cure, but there are ways to prevent and manage cellulite.

Cellulite reduction remedies – first step is be careful what you eat and drink

First of all, maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet. Drink at least 12-15 glasses of water a day, quit smoking and reduce or stop caffeine intake and alcohol.  Try eating more fiber-rich foods, such as fruits, whole grains, and vegetables to your diet. Eat salmon, sardines and other products rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Stay away from fatty food, and choose olive oil, sesame oil and other good oils when cooking and for salads. Cranberry juice is known to be very effective in smoothening the skin and reducing cellulite.

Apart from being careful what you eat, and drinking a lot of water, in order to achieve cellulite reduction you should also stay active, exercise daily, so that the blood circulation in your body improves, and your muscles grow stronger and leaner, but stay away from weight lifting, which often breaks down the muscles and collagen, and can increase the cellulite. Exercises, which are known to be particularly good for preventing and reducing cellulite, are yoga as well as resistance training.

Try to treat yourself with a full body massage at least once a month. A good massage will improve the circulation, and will help dissolve lymph and fat deposits under the skin. If you can’t afford or don’t have time for a professional massage, make sure you massage the affected regions of the body yourself a couple of times a week – for better effect use essential oils. Some herbal and natural oils are known to improve the circulation and smoothen the areas affected by cellulite, when massaged thoroughly in the skin after a shower.  Oils made from hazelnuts, cinnamon, rosemary, juniper, jojoba, lemon andcyprusare known to have an effect when applied on a regular basis and with the appropriate massaging in the skin.

Another method of stimulating blood circulation and reducing cellulite is body brushing, which should be done with a bristle brush or other cellulite skin massagers before showering.

A brief look at the treatments offered as cellulite reduction remedies

Even though there are tens and even hundreds of “miraculous” treatments advertised daily, there is no scientific proof that either one of them is safe enough and permanent enough to be called a cure for cellulite reduction.  Such treatments include: surgery, body-wrapping, laser treatment, mesotherapy, radiofrequency therapy, etc. They are all quite expensive, some of them are even considered dangerous, and none of them has been approved as a cure for cellulite.  The anti-cellulite creams are more useful, and their frequent use for massaging and treating the affected parts of the body, can give some positive results by actually stimulating the blood circulation and helping reduction and flushing away of skin fat depots.

In one sentence, these are the most popular cellulite reduction therapies and procedures on the market now:

1.    Mesotherapy – this is the practice which involves injecting the body parts affected by cellulite with injections containing herbs, vitamins and other approved or unapproved substances.  Mesotherapy requires multiple therapy sessions, and the results are unclear, as well as how permanent they are. This is a costly and in many cases quite risky cellulite reduction therapy..

2.     Light/laser treatment – although the FDA has approved two of these treatment devices, which combine suction and massage to reduce cellulite, both treatments require many sessions, as well as maintenance treatments to actually achieve a visible result and then preserve it. These therapies are quite costly, and the treatment can most probably reach thousands of dollars.

3.    Chemicals/substances which reduce cellulite – since they are considered and sold as dietary supplements, these don’t fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA, which means that it is actually not clear if they have any effect on cellulite reduction, whether they cause any harm to the organism, if there are contraindications with other drugs a person may be taking. Their effectiveness and results of their use is also unclear.

4.    Creams with caffeine, minophylline do contain these chemicals which boost the fat reduction and disposal, but according to scientists there is no way a skin cream can provide the necessary concentration of these chemicals for the time needed for fat breakdown to actually occur and be noticeable.

5.    Liposuction – this invasive procedure includes the actual physical extraction or vacuuming of the fat under the skin. This is not only a surgical procedure which can pause risks to the person’s health and even life, but the effect for reducing cellulite is virtually none, even more, liposuction will often even worsen the situation by making the skin even more bumpy and wrinkled.

6.    Collagenase – this is a collagen-breaking down enzyme which is naturally produced in the human body. The idea behind the collagenase therapy is to inject the people with cellulite with extra enzyme, but since it is only in its testing period, it is neither clear whether it is effective, and what the side effects may be.

7.    Body wraps – this is quite a popular anti-cellulite therapy, but unfortunately once again there are no proven results from this therapy on reducing and removing cellulite.  Even though the idea of the wraps decreasing the fluid retention of the skin – this is only a permanent effect, since it is impossible to actually flush out the fat and toxins from the body through the use of wraps.

Some simple home remedies can actually more useful in preventing and cellulite reduction. Some of them are:

Gently exfoliating the area affected with a paste made of half a cup of ground coffee,  a quarter of a cup of brown sugar, three table spoons of warm water and another couple of tablespoons of olive oil. This is mixed until the water is absorbed and the ingredients are fully mixed. After washing the body parts affected with “orange peel skin” with warm water, massage the area with the paste for about ten minutes. This acts both as an antioxidant to the skin, but also the caffeine stimulates the blood vessels, improves circulation and gives an overall better look of the affected area.

Apple cider vinegar is said to be great both for weight loss as well as for cellulite reduction. Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass of water in the morning will reduce cellulite.  Apple cider vinegar is also great for topical application – mixed with massage oil, it should be used to gently massage the affected body parts twice a day for visible improvement of the condition of the skin surface.

There are certain herbs which are also considered good for reducing cellulite, such as Gotu kola, which contains forskolin, which boosts the breaking up of the substances which keep the fat cells where they are in the body and under the skin.  This herb and the supplements made from it are quite expensive though.

Remember, leading a healthy lifestyle and eating a proper diet can reduce cellulite, but your genes, pregnancy, menopause and age can cause the appearance of cellulite, so when looking for the best cellulite reduction remedies, choose the ones most appropriate and in accordance to how your own body reacts to them.

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