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The Truth About Ab Isolation Exercises

Posted Sep 10 2010 12:47pm

In a nutshell from ExerciseTV

And as I’ve always written…you have to clean up your diet in order to get a flat belly period. Crunching all day long without a good diet will not do it for you. Crunching aka working the ab muscles to get bigger and stronger only works on the muscle, it does nothing for layers and layers of fat covering it all up!!! Figure out a way to control what you put into your mouth. It a lot of effort, will power and saying the word “no” to yourself in order to get into the habit of not eating junk and sugars.

I like this video…it hits the nail right on the head. Use all of Chris Freytag’s tips because they work! Luckily I got a hold of this info long ago and today I have a flat tummy.

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