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The Southernmost Key West Marathon

Posted Mar 21 2013 10:30pm
Why do you run?

Stress relief? 
Weight loss? 
So you can run races?  For the bling?  To eat carbs?  To visit fun places?  Because your friends made you?
Running is a huge source of stress relief for me, but it’s signing up for races that really motivates me to run.  If I have a race, then I have to train.  Having races in gorgeous places just make it that much better.

Believe it or not I am already filling up my dance card (aka race calendar) for the fall.  Races selected around RunDisney weekends, of course!

I’m very excited about the half marathon that I’m going to be running in October.  That will be the earliest race I’ve done and it will be the Southernmost.  Heck, it’s the southernmost United States race there is. Have you noticed the new badge on the left of my blog?

I'm running through Key Wes! I'm running the Southernmost Marathon !

My sister in law is getting married in December 2014 and we were looking for races to do for her bachelorette. Yes, you read that right.  We are running a race for her bachelorette.  Feel bad for the bridesmaids who aren’t runners! 

The Southernmost Marathon is an inaugural race in 2013 and I’m excited to be a part of it.  The course looks spectacular and there’s so much to do around the area as well.  Plus the course is flat (hooray) and gives you a view of some of the highlights of Key West.
Kelsey is running the full and I’m running the half.  I’ll probably start officially training for the race in mid-July, so I’ll update you with my training plan then. I'm also excited to find out what the medals look like!  Plus the race is not just Saturday, but they have a whole weekend of events to take part in.
If you haven’t filled up your fall race calendar yet, take a look at SoMo .  Imagine 13.1 miles with The Beach Boys stuck in your head, “Key Largo, Montego” Okay so technically that’s a different “key” but you get the idea.

PLUS the people at the SoMo marathon are so awesome they’re offering a discount code to all Fit2Flex readers. Use the code F2F10 for $10 off the half or full marathon registration fees.

Speaking of race schedule I have two races left this spring.  I feel like I’m playing Russian roulette with the heat.
April 14th I’m running the Windermere 5k .  I really need an accurate 5k time to help plan my training for next fall’s half and full marathon so this will do the trick. I’m hoping to come in around 25 minutes even.

April 20th I’m taking on one more half marathon the Lake Minneola Half marathon . It will be first time I've ever been able to sleep at my own house before a half. No travel needed. I can toast my bagel, huzzah!

It’s been an AMAZING race season for me and I’m not yet ready to part with my long training runs.  What’s another 13.1? (That cry for help you heard was my knee/calf)

What’s the best location you’ve raced in?
What makes you sign up for certain races over others? Price? Location? Friends running?

Love and Ernest Hemingway,
Carissa & Kyle
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