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The Shred Diet

Posted Apr 22 2013 12:00am

My birthday is in a week.  Our Nashville/Carolinas trip is in approx 6 weeks and summer will hit the NW as soon as we get back from that.  And I would not consider myself “bikini” ready.  In fact, I didn’t even feel bikini ready when we were in Maui.  I’ve gotten in a bit of a bad habit of eating whatever I want.  And I mean whatever – pizza, fro yo, beer, wine, pasta, cookies…The upside is that the scale has more or less stayed the same thanks to my workout schedule but I would love to get over the hump.  To drop the 5 “whatever I want” pounds by the time I’m rocking shorts and cowboy boots at the Bluebird Cafe.

So I started doing a little research.  I have never been someone who diets.  A diet is temporary and in order to truly make a change you have to change your lifestyle.  Saying I’ll give up carbs/alcohol/sugar for the rest of my life will never happen.  It’s not sustainable.  But when my physical therapist told me about the Shred Diet I was intrigued.  The way he put it, it’s a 6 week program that helps people who are already in great shape get over the hump and move past their plateau.  Um, sign me up.

I bought the Kindle version of the book over the weekend and so far it feel like the key points are eating small meals and snacks every couple of hours and switching up your daily meals.  Sounds good to me.  And even more intriguing were the meal plans.  You eat 4 meals a day with 3 snacks and each week the calories get slightly smaller until the last week when they go up a bit (haven’t read that chapter yet).  On average it looks like you’re eating around 1500 calories a week which for me, would be a normal amount I’d need to eat away to drop some pounds. You can also have 3 glasses of wine or 3 light beers per week.

So I’m giving it a shot.  Today was day one and I did eat all my snacks (plus one more not because I was hungry but because it was delicious), and combined my meals 3 and 4 into one for timing purposes and I’m currently having a glass of wine so I’m doubtful I’ll be able to only have two more this week but we’ll see.   Overall there is no way I will follow this thing perfectly for the next 6 weeks but I like the idea of generally having a plan to follow to keep me in check.  I’ve got 3 all-day work meetings and dinners this week and normally those things are a food and drink free-for-all but I’m hoping with a goal to stick to this plan, I’ll be able to keep myself in check better.  I’m also hoping it helps curb my sweet addiction.  One of the snacks is 1tsp PB in between two graham crackers which is delicious, curbs my sugar craving and is a much better option than a bowl of fro-yo.

Here’s an example of the meal plan I created for myself (you choose your meals from a couple of choices).

Shred diet meal plan

And here’s an example of some of the snack options.  Your snacks are either 150 or 100 calories.

Shred diet snack list

Has anyone else done this diet?  Any thoughts/recommendations?  Again, not a big diet person, I just need a little nudge in the right direction before summer gets here.

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