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The Season of Giving (Holiday Gift Guide)

Posted Dec 05 2010 9:53am

Can you believe is is already December?

This month has really snuck up on me, but I am glad it is the holiday season. Friends, family, food, and GIFTS galore!

How can that be bad?

Recently, Bama mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas.

I gave her one simple response: “money”.

I know my mom has a great time shopping around and thinking of creative things to buy for me and my sister, but I am getting to that age where if I want something, I usually just buy it myself. Since I have a job, I feel more financially responsible to buy most of the things that I want. I can’t really think of anything that I need that I haven’t purchased for myself. I would rather have money, that way I can buy something when it comes up.

However, the holiday season is about “giving” and I love hunting around and finding things for my family that I know they will enjoy. In the recent months, my family has taken up a more active and healthy lifestyle. I have based their gifts this year on their new found interests, but I would not try and push anything on them. For example, I know that my mom HATES tofu, so I’m not going to buy her a tofu press . I have one and I love it, but not everything is meant for everyone. Actually I have a funny story about Bama mom and tofu ;)

When I was home for Thanksgiving, I asked Bama mom what she wanted me to make for dinner.

Her response: “Anything but tofu”. LOL.

Any other tofu haters out there?

Give my tofu fajitas a shot and I garuntee that you will be converted to the good side ;)

Ok ok, you get the point. Basically, don’t try to push something on someone by giving them a gift for Christmas. If you know someone hates working out, then don’t buy them a gym membership. They need to make these decisions for themselves. Purchase something for them that you know they will enjoy and they will get the most of it!

Here a few things that I LOVE and I think will make great Christmas gifts:

TriggerPoint Foam Roller

I swear by this foam roller. I purchased it at some point over the summer and I use it at least once a day (sometimes twice). I feel like it gets deep into my muscles and really breaks up the scar tissue.

SunWarrior Protein Powder

Lately, I have been adding a scoop of this to my oatmeal every single morning. It’s nutrient rich, delicious, and provides me with some extra protein and calories to get through the morning. By far, it is the best protein powder I have ever tried.

You can read my review here .

Cast Iron Pan

I LOVE this pan. I have no idea why I used to be so reliant on non-stick. When it comes to pan frying, the cast iron skillet adds so much flavor that you really notice a difference. Once you get your pan seasoned, there is no going back ;)


Nike will always be my go to for running clothes. I love Brooks for shoes, but Nike LOOKS good. This jacket is light, but it still keeps me pretty warm. If it is just a little nippy outside and you need something a little more than a long sleeve top, this thermal is great.


Enough said.

Compression Socks

I love these! I don’t run in them, but I do wear them to bed every night ;)


When it comes to hydrating on the run, this is my go to water bottle. It is light, comfortable, and makes me feel like I am lifting weights while running ;)

I could go on all day with products that I love, but this is just a sampling of a few things that I hope people will enjoy.

What is on your Christmas list this year?

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