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The Runway of Your Life

Posted Nov 11 2010 12:00am

“We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are”

-          Anais Nin – French Author

I have been traveling all week, quick one day trips to different locations, spending many hours on planes and in airports. Matter of fact I am sitting in the Sarasota, Florida airport as I write this. The other morning as our plane was taxiing up to the runway I looked out the window and I had a clear view of the runway. As I looked down the runway I noted that the runway itself has a definitive end to it. One could stand at the end of a runway and look down to the end and see a dead end, no place to go once you get to the end of the tarmac.  At the end of many runways you may find a grassy field, some end at the edge of a body of water and a couple I have been on actually drop off the side of a cliff. One could easily look at a runway and see a dead end that could be fraught with disaster if one does not stop before they get to the end.

It is the visionary that looks at a runway and sees not an end; they see a new opportunity and that opportunity is to shift the mode they are in. The pioneers of flight were able to see the end of the runway as the beginning of flight where the plane went from a ground propelled vehicle to an airborne vehicle which transcends the limits of ground transportation.

In many ways our  journey can look like a runway. As we stand at the end of our proverbial runway we can choose to see a path with limits, a dead end or we can choose to see the opportunity and need to transcend the limits of the runway and propel ourselves beyond the runway. The runway of our life becomes simply a beginning of a path to limitlessness. When we open the aperture of our soul we see the possibilities rather than the limits; we transcend the limits that many others see as their reality.

The only thing that one needs to do to change ones reality is to change our thoughts. Everything begins with the energy of our thoughts. Our thoughts are so powerful that we see what we want to see to validate our thoughts/beliefs.

If one believes they are unworthy of love then even when love presents itself we will do things to validate the belief that we are not worthy of love. In an effort to validate our belief that we unworthy of love we will sabotage the very thing we say we want the most in our life. We will do things that seem to make no sense and destroy what otherwise is a great relationship because we must prove to ourselves that we are unworthy of love. We will even point back and say to ourselves and others and say “see I told you, love never works out for me”. The funny thing is that it our self that creates this reality.

Another person may have the belief they are not worthy of wealth, however they play the lottery every day hoping to win big. Then one day they do win big! They are in disbelief however elated, they now have more money than they ever thought possible. Fast forward a year or two later and that person has less wealth than they had before they won the lottery. Over time the person did things to validate their belief that they were unworthy of wealth or their belief that they were destined to be poor. If you went back and followed their actions you would see how they self destructed their fortune.

On the opposite end of the spectrum there are people who have a belief that they are blessed, worthy of love, worthy of wealth, worthy of happiness and guess what they do things that validate their belief and all they believe comes to them. It is not magic that they seem to be always in the right place at the right time making the right decisions. Not magic at all it is simply the validation of their beliefs which creates thoughts that translate into actions which make things happen that validate their beliefs about who they are.

Do you want to change the results you are experiencing? To change what you are experiencing then you need to change your thoughts about yourself, about who you are. You must stand at the beginning of your runway and see the shift that you need to make to soar into the stratosphere of life beyond yourself imposed limitations!

Almost time for my next flight and guess what it is almost time for yours as well. Let’s soar together, see you in the no limit zone! Love you!

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